Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Get the latest top speed codes here, another new and popular Roblox racing game. Can you reach the top speed?

Max Speed ​​is brand new Roblox racing/clicks, one of the most popular types of platform games right now. This time you need to click on speed! The more you press, the faster your car will move. Make your way to rocket bikes and super cars.

We are checking for new Maximum speed codes every day and we believe it will be a popular game. New codes will be released each weekend to mark the same milestones, so check back soon!

We have added code to the 13th of November.

All maximum speed codes

Here are all the working codes for Max Speed ​​for November 2022.

The code Reward Active/expired
Run Forest run Double acceleration In 15 minutes! Active (New code)
FastNFurious Double trophies in 15 minutes! Active

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How to use the maximum speed codes

Maximum speed codes

Here’s how to get free boosters, vehicles, and trophies in Max Speed.

  • Strike Gift icon on the right, right below Booster
  • Enter code
  • Press enter or redeem
  • Enjoy These Rewards


Code not working? The code may have been entered incorrectly or may have expired. Double check your code by copying and pasting it, and if that still doesn’t work, check back soon to see if any new codes are gone.

What are maximum speed codes?

Top speed boosters

These are free rewards given out by Team Hermes, the developers of Max Speed. So far they have been released celebrate like milestones but we may also see codes in the future for updates. These codes can be exchanged for trophies (in-game currency and what you get for racing) and for free vehicles.

How to get more top speed codes

Top Speed ​​and Store Rewards

You can always find new codes on this page, but we also recommend bookmark the page with the game (we expect new codes to be posted there as well) and join the gaming community’s Discord server to receive news about updates, codes, and information about upcoming content.

What is the maximum speed?

Racing bike MAX Speed

Max Speed ​​is the latest line of popular Clicking and Racing Roblox Games, a fad that started with Race Clicker. All of these games tend to have different themes: skydiving, rocket ships, and more than you can think of. Max Speed ​​is about motorcycles and supercars and unlocks are boosters that will make you move faster. Click, run fast, earn trophies, buy more boosters. In a nutshell, this is the maximum speed – and it’s very, very nice.

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