Today is a big day for HBO Max, which officially left HBO complete his rebrand to Max. Unfortunately, this change was not without casualties. Follow up Removal of the adult swimming classic Metalocalypse yesterday animated clips kept coming from the platform as a comedy talk show From Space Ghost to Beach was knocked down from the platform with an ax. Created by Mike Lazzo Based on the original Hanna-Barbera character Space Ghost, it marked Cartoon Network’s first original foray into adult animated programming, paving the way for the Alt Swim brand as it is known today.

The move comes just hours before the rebrand is set to take place today. under David ZaslavWarner Bros. Discovery was no stranger to content, especially the animated variety, from their streaming platform after the merger. Much of the change may be related to licensing, as HBO Max had planned to remove its catalog from Cartoon Network with a rebrand, although the Zaslav regime has shown mercy on animation in order to save residuals. even if it doesn’t show. popular series like Infinity Train especially because of the cuts left in the dust, leaving audiences with few opportunities to watch them.


Fortunately, Adult Swim knew this move would come with both Space ghost and Metalocalypse and moved all the episodes to their official website. It’s far from the end of content removal, but a disturbing trend continues to grow across the industry. Warner Bros. While Discover has the largest share of creatives, Disney has recently turned heads. Cleaning up content on Disney+ and Huludrop off Willow just six months later, after the finale, among other hits The Mysterious Benedictine Society and Big shot.

Space ghost

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What is the main thing From Space Ghost to Beach?

From Space Ghost to Beach It was a late night talk show format mess with a character named Space Ghost.George Lowe) to interact with celebrity guests on live broadcasts. Episodes are often interrupted by his group leader Zorak and director-producer Moltar. C. Martin Crocker, who were forced to work on the show as punishment for all their bad deeds in the original Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Beginning in 1994, the series was canceled in 1999 and revived to join the newly created Adult Swim brand. Although he didn’t start his career in adult swimming, he actually created a brand because the people behind him continued to create classics. senior series slate on a map like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Harvey Birdman, lawyer.

All episodes From Space Ghost to Beach Still available to stream on the Adult Swim website. Watch the first episode of the series on Adult Swim in the UK below.