Ahsoka serves as a direct continuation of Star Wars: RebelsAn animated TV series about a misfit crew who eventually become a family after the Force brings them together. Mary Elizabeth Winstead One of the main characters of the film is intended to play the role of Hera Sindulla Rebels, in an upcoming live show. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actress was thrilled to bring Syndulla to life, explaining that her character’s fully fleshed-out backstory served as a really strong foundation for her performance. Here’s what Winstead said about playing Hera:

Having a character that already exists and has a very rich history in something like Rebels, as an actor, it’s incredible because sometimes we’re tasked with creating our own historical narratives or trying to bring to life a character who doesn’t have much on the page. So to play a character with a seasoned storyline and complex history with each person with their lives, relationships and experiences was something I’ve never experienced before.

There is Rebels It was definitely a real luxury to be able to reach out and have (Dave Filoni) talk about it every day on the set.

Given how the upcoming event takes place in a galaxy far, far away, the plot of the series is shrouded in mystery. However, some details have been revealed in recent months, including the first trailer released last month Star Wars Holiday. the main antagonist from RebelsGrand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen), makes his live-action debut as he returns to complicate life for his characters Ahsoka. It remains to be seen how he survives his fate in the animated series finale, but before that, a former Jedi he must wonder how he will stop such an intelligent enemy.


Ahsoka has been searching for Grand Admiral Thrawn for some time, which was revealed in her live-action introduction in season two. Mandalorian. But he did not seek him out of anger or revenge, as the hero of the upcoming series has a more personal reason for finding the space tyrant. Ezra Bridger (Eman Esfandi) was a young Jedi apprentice and protagonist Rebels. In the finale of the animated story, Ezra disappeared with Thrawn in a crashed cruiser that flew at the speed of light. Could there be a chance for the guy to be there if the villain comes back?

Hera Syndulla

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Could Ahsoka Tano be heading to the big screen?

Since then Mandalorian Premiering on Disney+ in 2019, the larger narrative began in 2019. Star Wars universe. Dave FiloniCorner of the Galaxy has remained on TV so far, but there are plans to produce something bigger. during Star Wars In celebration, Filoni will reportedly be filming a movie that will serve as the finale to the story told around the world. Mandalorian and all its spin-offs. A release date for the film has yet to be set, but Dean Djarin (Pedro Pascal) can be seen in theaters.

You can see Collider’s exclusive interview with Mary Elizabeth Winstead Ahsoka below: