One of the biggest criticisms Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania poor quality visual effects were the work. It was one of the most annoying aspects of the film, as you would expect when you’re dealing with a big-budget tentpole film. Marvel Studiosthey want to deliver the best quality work.

Even the VFX artist who worked on the film knows it’s not their best work, and in a recent article Foxthree artists address the CGI work and why it wasn’t as good as it should have been.

The people, who use pseudonyms, claim in the interview that they were “understaffed” and faced an “unrealistically tight deadline” to finish the film in time for its February debut. They explained that it takes them 80 hours a week to get everything done.

One of the sources, “Jim,” revealed that Marvel eventually hired several VFX artists to force them to work. Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverwas in post-production at the same time Quantum mania. As you know, this movie has some mind-blowing visual effects.

Jim said: “For Ant-Man, it was too late in the third and fourth parts of the project. There is a point of no return. Why were some things changed, why were some notes taken longer than they should have been?” separated — that’s at Marvel. But it certainly created a lot of tension and confusion and stress for everyone.”

It was Marvel Studios to face opposition for how they treated these artists and you can read a detailed report about it Here. Jim explained that most of these artists remain silent because they don’t want to “risk their livelihood” with their complaints. They have to work to earn money, and if they talk about how Marvel treats them, Marvel can drop them.

Jim explains how he and other artists are confused as to why a studio with the resources and deep pockets to produce high-quality films would not want to dig deeper and give them what they need to create amazing CGI effects. He has an answer… greed.

He says: “Most of us are sitting here and saying, ‘There’s money. Why is it not coming down? If Marvel spends a little more to pay more VFX people, it won’t make much of a difference to the execs at the top. But if it’s because they’re not comfortable with their bank numbers and we work until we’re exhausted, we lose every time. To be honest, I equate it to human greed.”

Jim mentioned that all this is the reason for the negative reviews of the film. “I think there was a lot of potential for this story, for visual effects in general. I think the movie is getting the reviews it deserves because Marvel is doubling down on quality as much as possible. They are squeezing blood from the stones. And we stopped bleeding.”

Damn it.