Update: Alonso’s representative, attorney Patti Glazer, released the following statement Diversity On Alonso’s departure from Disney:

“The idea that Victoria was fired because of a few press interviews related to her Oscar-nominated personal passion project on human rights and democracy is absolutely ludicrous. Victoria, a gay Latina who dared to criticize Disney, was silenced. He was then terminated when he refused to do what he believed to be an accusation. Disney and Marvel made a very bad decision with serious consequences. There is more to this story and Victoria will tell it soon in one forum or another.


There was a news about it last week Victoria AlonsoThere was an executive who served Marvel Studios for nearly two decades left his position in the company. Alonso’s top-level position at Marvel meant the news was a huge shock to the industry. today, The Hollywood Reporter published a detailed story about the reasons for Alonso’s sudden and surprising departure.

Apparently it has something to do with it Oscar-nominated drama Argentina, 1985 was the catalyst for his quick departure. Alonso was one of eight producers of an international product distributed by Amazon. However, it has been argued that it was a breach of contract for him to be involved in the film to this extent – something that has happened on several occasions. Alonso has reportedly been rumored to be involved with the production and release, but his appearance at the Oscars last weekend on behalf of the film was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Insiders said his actions violated a 2018 contract that said employees would not work for competing studios, a violation of the company’s standards of business conduct. The report added that the sources said they did not ask for permission to work on Alonso Argentina, 1985 He did not report, but made the film on his own accord. When Disney discovered the depth of his involvement in the film, due to his seniority and respect within the company, he was allowed to infringe on the condition that he not work any further, nor advertise or advertise. Film.

Argentina 1985
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Despite this, he has made several public appearances to promote the film and even appeared at the Oscars as a spokesperson for the multi-nominated film, rather than an executive producer. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The report adds that Alonso’s job responsibilities mean he oversees visual effects as president of physical and post-production, visual effects and animation production – an incredibly thin stretch during a pandemic, and then beyondwith the proliferation of Marvel products for theatrical and television releases his performance was criticized For not meeting Marvel’s usual standards.

Alonso has long been an advocate for more diversity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically pushing for more female leads and More representation for the LGBTQ+ community. He spoke at length about the process dbefore the interview With Collider Editor-in-Chief Stephen Weintraub in promoting the home video release of Captain Marvel It was the first MCU film to feature a female cast at the time (Brie Larson) in the lead role, as well as his desire to make movies feel less male-centric.

Alonso’s work at Marvel Studios began in 2006. here he played a decisive role in production until it was released earlier this month. He’s listed as an executive producer, and that’s how his name appears on the list James Gunnof Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3, The next movie to be released by Marvel Studios.

you can see the trailer for Argentina, 1985 down.