After being in development, including a director switch, it looks like Marvel Studios’ Blade is headed in the right direction for filming.

Marvel Studios Knife, starring Mahershala Ali, is said to be very close to starting production. Ali himself has been a champion of the project from the start, after meeting with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to get the project off the ground. Marvel’s Knife It was officially announced at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. Since then, the film has faced a number of delays due to behind-the-scenes issues – most notably the departure of original director Bassam Tariq from the project – but Blade finally looks set to begin filming.


according to the new production list by Film and Television Industry AllianceBlade is targeting a May 1 launch. Blade’s MCU time period settings Long rumored to be the 1920s, it could be revealed sooner rather than later, with production starting in about two months. Blade’s new filming update is exciting because it shows that the Marvel movie is finally back on track after a series of hiccups.

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Why is it a big deal to start shooting Blade?

Mahershala Ali Blade teamed up with MCU promo photo for Marvel Movie

There have been several rumors about this Knife‘s long development at Marvel Studios, the film has undergone some very popular changes. Knife It was officially announced by Marvel at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. Tariq was announced to direct the film in the summer of 2021, but the director surprisingly left the project last September. Although MCU Knife the casting team came across a solid cast, the film seems to have trouble figuring out exactly what story it wants to tell. When tariq is going, the reason Knifeto the director’s departure”continued changes in the production schedule.”

These shifts eventually led to this Knife It was dropped from its original November 3, 2023 release date in favor of a September 5, 2024 theatrical release. After Tariq stepped down from his directing gig, Marvel brought in Yann Demange (Lovecraft country) to direct The Vampire Slayer. Knife then left the film’s “on hold” status behind and refocused on development Getting Blade’s MCU presentation, an important addition to Marvel’s supernatural corner, is set to make its big screen debut next year. However, according to a number of rumors, Knife‘s behind-the-scenes troubles run deeper than the announced director change.

It has been reported that the original script of the film “Blade” upset the star Ali. The original rumor came from industry insider Jeff Sneider, who said last September that “The script for BLADE is about 90 pages long and contains exactly TWO (no) action sequences, said Mahershala, who was very frustrated with the process..” After such a complex development process, the report Knife It’s a big deal to start filming soon, because it means Marvel is finally happy with where the movie is. With the behind-the-scenes issues resolved, Marvel can now focus on creation Mahershala Ali Knife Different from Wesley Snipes‘.

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Source: Film and Television Industry Alliance

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