CGI coming of age to actors of a certain vintage of course it was in fashion Over the past few years, and no franchise has taken more advantage of the popular PC-generated wizardry. the Star Wars epic. But now, its most famous star believes that it is time to put it to bed and limit its use.

Mark HamillStarring as Luke Skywalker in six of the nine feature films and episodes Mandalorian and Boba Fett booktalked to Esquire about his career, which is naturally determined by the time he worked Star Wars. However, despite appearing in the three most recent feature films, he may still return as Skywalker’s force ghost. upcoming movie Daisy Ridley – his most talked-about moments of late are the result of a “deepfake”, in which his young face is artificially inserted into another actor’s body (credibly in one case, less so in another) to bring a young Luke back to life. .


After Luke died The Last Jedi, Hamill washed his hands of the series, disagreeing with the creative choices. One day he visited Jon Favreau and Dave Filonifor shows Mandalorian – accompanied by a puppet known at the time as “Baby Yoda”. Hamill met the pair, watched their show and confessed he was impressed enough to agree to return.

Mark Hamill
Image via Lucasfilm

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But when it comes to shooting, the act of going back to young Luke has him a bit taken aback. Graham Hamilton, his filmed “swap” plays the scene exactly as it was, and then computer magic links the two together. Hamil didn’t like it. The idea of ​​young Luke leaving the postReturn of the Jedi adventures may seem attractive to some fans and perhaps Disney investors, but the truth is Hamill doesn’t think it’s necessary. And if they still pull it off, he doesn’t believe he should be playing Luke Skywalker.

“It’s extraordinary to see yourself like that. It can’t be cheap. People say, ‘Oh, now you can do the whole Luke series.’Return of the Jedi.’ I said: “I don’t think so.” First of all, they don’t have to tell these stories, but if they do, they can get age-appropriate actors.”

As for going back to playing an older Luke? Well, as Rey’s mentor, it would make sense. But on this subject, Hamill switches from his opinion to the corporate on a dime. “You learn to work for something Lucasfilm: everything is confidential,” he says. “Everything is confidential. So, if I was involved, I couldn’t tell you. I couldn’t tell you if I wasn’t involved. So I don’t know. We’ll all find out together, I guess.”