a straight line Europa League last 16, in force and in nature. That’s the only way to describe vibration Manchester United Performance brought by the devastating directness of his runs Barcelona A series of problems that they cannot cope with, and ultimately their elimination. Plum skin Witch He could still say that this 2-1 win wasn’t his ideal football, but it was impressively exciting, especially since it involved an old European comeback. The most striking element of this game, beyond Barcelona’s contrasting passivity, was how fast United were.

On this occasion, it was a reserve to race ahead. Antonywas quick enough to bring in two comebacks – one for his team, one for himself. The Brazilian enjoyed a moment he had been waiting for long enough and contributed to the score with a spectacular volley. fredequalizer.

Barcelona just couldn’t cope at that point. what happened Xavi He got used to La Liga. This must be what everyone is used to against Ten Hag’s United. You’ll have to be quick, the team maintains such impressive focus even though the takeover process may seem very slow – with many complex questions.

The Dutch coach just made sure the focus was clear here.

The crowd responded with a celebration that suggested a new partnership with this team and reminded them of what Arsenal have enjoyed again lately. They could both go head-to-head in the Europa League if they reach the quarter-finals.

Barcelona, ​​which evaporated in the Old Trafford cauldron, was eliminated.

The biggest concern for Xavi’s side was how much control they would feel in the first half.

Much of it was a seductive tension between United’s tough run and Barcelona’s velvet control, subtle touches against powerful sprints. Some of them were visible at the first big moment, as Alejandro Balde fell down very easily after running into the penalty area. Bruno Fernandes made the mistake of confiscating him at this level. While you might have a certain sympathy for United, you also understood that it was a punishment for the Portuguese and an element of “living by the sword”.

Robert LewandowskiHe played his first game at Old Trafford, after which he received a sufficiently lenient penalty. david de geahowever, he was unable to put a strong hand on it.


It suited Barca to keep the game at that kind of pace, as they initially kept United within arm’s reach of vintage ball possession.

Maybe that’s why they were so surprised by United’s second half shift. Much of it was about the introduction of Antony and Alejandro Garnacho, of course, but it was also a gear change.

United immediately smashed Barca. It was now all-piercing straight lines against a back line that had obviously gotten used to a slower pace of play.

I must say United’s pace was sensational. Barca couldn’t cope with the torpedo that every run represented, and this immediately left room for Fred to equalize with a subtle low effort.

He had chosen his spot, and Ten Hag’s side knew exactly where he was going at Barca. The Ten Witches must be the coroner during halftime—albeit a little dramatic. His side came out super charged and super focused. Casemiro Again crucial to this, his arched balls from the side helped shape United’s forward surges and the pattern of the game.

Until then, every attack had brought an opening for United and a scare for Barcelona. Even when the Catalans tried to catch the ball, they could barely keep their feet at that point. The challenges were becoming more and more panicked, with Ronald Araujo’s ground jumps now looking more panicked than determined.


Lewandowski disappeared. The game was there to win. Many players felt this. It was clear. Garnacho felt a goal from a long shot just for that, but only to Antony. The Brazilian player sent the ball to the far corner.

Barcelona was now experiencing that classic dilemma. They had to move their phalanges significantly up the field, but this made them much more susceptible to these fluctuations.

United could have had more. Barcelona’s late attacks looked half-hearted and half-paced. Ten Hag realizes a complete idea.

Finally, Old Trafford audiences were chanting old classics about cheering Kevin Keegan in anticipation of Sunday’s League Cup final. Newcastle United will need to step up. That was the message of a signature moment for Ten Hag so far.