Bring on the baby oil and the ripped pants because Magic Mike’s Last Dance is shimmying on Max on June 2. The long-awaited final installment of the trilogy (yes, it’s technically a trilogy) will finally air after its theatrical debut this February.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance Sequel to the 2015 mega hit, Magic Mike XXLsaw Channing Tatum and a number of very hot stars, e.g Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello, remove all. The series originally started in 2012 Magic Mike, a lowkey and low-budget surprise box office success. The original follows the aspirations of male stripper Michael “Magic Mike” Lane, who brings a young man named Adam into the world of male stripping. However, Adam is soon consumed by the overworld, with disastrous consequences. The first film sees Mike leave the world of clothing and is essentially the story of one man’s journey into real life.. However, the sequel looks at the film’s more brutal aspects (namely, lots of greasy, half-naked men) in a very clear way..


A fitting XXL finale

The third part of the series becomes more about the campy aspects of the series. Magic Mike’s Last Dance Sees Mike working as a bartender after losing his furniture business during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is quickly taken over by Mahandra “Max” Mendoza, who plays him Salma HayekA wealthy Miami businesswoman who offers to take Mike to London. In London, Max uses Mike’s skills as an erotic dancer to help him put on a special dance. The film is a love story between Max and Mike and a triumphant conclusion to Mike’s personal professional arc.. The film sees Mike finally transform his work into large-scale performance art, legitimizing an art form that has often become a joke. However, the film also plays on this joke, never taking itself too seriously. Tatum and Hayek discussed what the film means for the franchise in a featurette ahead of the film’s release..

Channing Tatum
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The film’s upcoming premiere in Max has been in the works for quite some time. The film was originally supposed to premiere on HBO Max, but later it was decided to premiere the film in theaters. Magic Mike’s Last Dance managed by Steven Soderbergh. The author of the film Reid Caroline. Tatum co-produced the film Nick Wexler, Gregory JacobsCaroline and Peter Kiernan.

You can catch it Magic Mike’s Last Dance It will be broadcast on June 2 exclusively on Max.