Screen Junkie’s M3GAN’s Halal trailer takes aim at the popular puppet slasher horror thriller, teasing the film’s viral dance sensation.

The newest Honest trailer makes fun of a popular horror movie, M3GAN, and the dance that started the viral sensation. Directed by Gerard Johnstone, M3GAN Allison Williams stars as Jemma, a toymaker and robotics engineer after a tragic car accident kills her parents. To help Caddy, Gemma introduces her to M3GAN, a robot toy prototype with advanced AI. Cady and M3GAN form a bond that Gemma soon learns is frighteningly unbreakable.


Screen fans last Honest trailer aims M3GANHighlights the diminutive robot dance that sparked the viral trend.

The hilarious video shows a random take on the latest movies and shows that have spawned viral dance moves. wednesday and Matilda: Musical, and suggests that Hollywood should take advantage of TikTok’s social media dominance for marketing purposes. The horror’s PG-13 rating also drew criticism Honest trailer pointed out the difference between the trailer and the final film, noting that nearly all of the film’s deaths occurred off-screen.

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Why M3GAN went viral

Drew Berrymore M3GAN Cosplay

M3GANs dance became popular online even before the movie releases this January. Advertising materials have been placed M3GAN’s actions have sparked memes and challenges on various social media outlets. According to Johnstone and Williams, the creative partners knew that the film’s fast-paced dance scene would cause an internet stir, prompting the studio to prepare several memes to help market the film before its release. However, due to how viral it became over time, memes eventually fell out of use. The director has previously admitted that the dance was not in the original script and was an encouraging idea during filming.

With TikTok, the movie is very popular with the PG-13 demographic, Megan’s dancing is random and out of character the short form video lends itself to the viral nature of the app. TikTok’s penchant for fast-paced dance videos was perfect for Megan’s 10-second jig. The marketing campaign and the viral nature of the scene led to many parodies, including Drew Barrymore recreating the dance on his talk show.

M3GAN‘s dance brought in over $140 million at the box office against the film’s $12 million budget. The absurdity of the moment helped shape critics’ and audiences’ expectations for the film, enhanced the film’s absurd tone, and led to the film’s 94% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. With M3GAN 2 already in the worksviewers may be wondering what dance moves are in store for the killer robot sequel.

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