Who’s ready for the ultimate Easter egg hunt?

Lost absolutely full of allusions, connections Looking fora new story for alien invasion subplot, and other hidden gems. Audiences caught most of them when the film hit theaters in January, but some can’t be identified without re-watching the film and scrutinizing every frame for hidden details. In fact, there’s a particularly hard-to-find Easter egg with an interactive feature, and now this Lost can be viewed digitally at homeyou can play together.

The movie is like that Aneesh Chaganty, Sev Ohanyan, Natalie Kasabian, Nicholas D. Johnson, and Will Merricka sequel to the 2018 screen thriller, Looking for. Looking for saw father (John Cho) try to find his missing daughter using the tools available on the phone and computer Lost it turns the idea around. That’s how it is in the new movie Storm ReidJune tries to find her missing mother (Nia Long).

Storm Reid, as June, waits for her mother at the airport, Missing
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As the mystery unfolds, the behind-the-scenes team continues the alien invasion subplot, which they explain with references. Looking for and Chaganti’s 2020 film Running, and even includes a few custom Easter eggs. Most are subtle, but clear enough to pinpoint repeat viewings. However, it seems to be so well hidden that no one has been able to find it yet. It’s a particularly complex Easter egg that requires viewers to interact with the film like a video game.

Focused during the interview the Looking for Easter eggs are hidden everywhere Lostproducer Sev Ohanian teased:

“Our directors Will Merrick and Nick Johnson added an easter egg to The Thousand that I’m not at liberty to talk about right now because I think it’s such a masterpiece that it requires someone to treat the entire movie like a video game. . There will be moments when you have to pause and you have to take the code and then apply that code for another minute and apply… This is crazy, Perry. I didn’t even realize the depth of this easter egg until the night of the premiere, where they told me the final steps. The fun might continue when this home video comes out, but it’s crazy.

Hurricane Reed went missing in June
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Guess what time it is? Time for a digital release! Ohanian didn’t tell us exactly what this hidden item is or how to play all of the video game’s levels in the movie, but he did give Collider some advice on where to start. Here’s what he told us via email:

“Well, this is a crazy video game-style Easter egg that’s supposed to tie together multiple clues throughout the movie, starting with an important clue: when June logs into the GUISE website—a secret messaging app. “.

Ready to start hunting? I won’t give the exact time code, but if you buy a digital copy Lost, you can find the starting point of this easter egg after the midpoint of the movie. Happy hunting!