Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

Don’t know how to get information about Black Mouse in DMZ mode in MW2? In a new DMZ mode similar to Tarkov Warzone 2, players take on various missions for three opposing factions – Legion, White Lotus and Black Mous. In this guide, we will explain how to unlock Black Mous missions in the DMZ and how to get Intel Black Mous in the White Lotus “Bag ’em and Tag ’em” mission in the DMZ.

Loot Black Mous Intel DMZ, Bag em and Tag em

How to unlock Black Mouse missions in DMZ?

How to get Black Mous information in the Bag em and Tag em White Lotus missions in the DMZ

To unlock Black Mous missions and objectives in the DMZ, you first need to complete all Tier 2 missions for the Legion and White Lotus factions. Only then will you be able to proceed with the Black Mous Tier 1 missions. Now that we know that, let’s see how to complete the White Lotus Tier 2 “Pack and Tag” mission. This mission has two components. The first is to collect 4 enemy tokens. You can check out our separate guide on how to do this.

Here’s what you need to do to get information about black mice as part of the “Pack them up and tag” mission. You just need to go to the sights of Rohan Oil. The Rohan Refinery is located in the far northwestern part of the map. It is really hard not to notice, as it looks very peculiar. Check out our image so you know what it looks like. And check out the map below so you know where you need to go. Once there, you’ll want to look for items that look like documents. They are called “Intel black mouse”. These elements do not always appear in the same place. However, we mostly found them around metal container shacks and offices. Look around and you can find them.