Not sure how to use Wo Long Golden Cicada Shells? Team Ninja, the next action RPG from the creators of Nioh, is here! And like their previous games, it hides a lot of secrets and mysteries. This guide explains who to give these shells to and where to find all 20 golden cicada shell locations in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

A golden cicada shell of a long fallen dynasty

Where to turn in golden cicada shells in Wo of the long-dead dynasty?

What are golden cicada shells used for in a long-dead dynasty

Wo Long Golden Cicada shells you will not need in the game. However, there is a certain character who would like to collect them. You will find this character in a hidden village. He will be standing on the roof of a large tower-like building. The one under which you found your first golden cicada shell. Use the vines around the tower to climb to the top. Just like all the other villagers, he is also called the Hermit of Tianzhu. Check out our images below so you know who this guy is.

Once you find him, talk to him. He will explain that he wants them because he is “looking for the secrets of immortality.” He collects these golden-glowing cicadas to “overcome death.” And every time you bring them to him, he will give you “something of value” in return. There are 20 of them in total, scattered across different levels. Read on to find out where to find all 20 of them. Of course there will be spoilers.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. All locations of golden cicada shells

  1. The Hidden Village of Tianzhushan Mountain – One of the first ones you’ll find is right under a tower in a hidden village, a tower with a hermit on top of it.
  2. Two chivalrous heroes – At some point after the Zhuyan boss fight, you’ll find a building with a platform that allows you to climb onto its roof. You’ll find Cicada on a wooden platform on the roof.
  3. Yellow Sky Demon Fort – On the roof of one of the houses in the village.
  4. Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch (1) – Inside the prison cell under the bridge, guarded by two Huoshu.
  5. Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch (2) – On the roof directly above the Battle Banner in the garden with pink ponds.
  6. Darkness over the Hanshui River – At the beginning of the mission, there is a wooden platform under the wooden shipwreck guarded by Shuigui.
  7. The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass – At the end of the chasm under the battlefield with the demon Changui.
  8. Centuries of glory burned down (1) – Go outside to the left of the second battle flag. You will see two soldiers there. A golden cicada shell is hidden behind a bonfire near the houses.
  9. Centuries of glory burned down (2) – In the second part of the mission, near the end of the channel, you will see a small blind cove. Go inside to find Cicada.
  10. In search of an immortal wizard – Inside the red cave of destruction, near the beginning of the cave.
  11. The Tyrant’s Last Banquet (1) – As soon as the invasion begins, you will reach the second part of the fort. There is a small podium above the gate. And a golden cicada on top.
  12. The Tyrant’s Last Banquet (2) – On the rooftop in the area that Changui patrols, right after you defeat Fancy’s mini-boss.
  13. The way of the warrior – After the first battle flag in the swamps, there is a side zone protected by a Zhupolong. There is a golden cicada shell hidden among the vegetation.
  14. Lu Bu, the most powerful among humans – Near the end of the mission, on top of the wooden fort. Inside there is a wooden cage-like structure and a sink.
  15. Behold the glaive of righteousness (1) – In the misty area of ​​this level, you’ll come across a tall ladder guarded by Chengui. Defeat him, climb the ladder, cross the bridge, climb the small tower to the right of the bridge, and grab the projectile from the nearby branch.
  16. Behold the glaive of righteousness (2) – Climb the ledges in the room with the two terracotta soldiers with large swords in the underground area. You will notice a red crystal guarded by Houshu. Beat him and you’ll find a golden cicada shell behind him.
  17. The fire of war burns fiercely (1) – After clearing the damage of the battle banner manned by the spearman, continue down the path and make two turns to the right. You’ll find another spearman guarding a chest. Defeat the soldier and loot the chest to find a shell.
  18. The flames of war burn fiercely (2) – There is a room in the sewers with two Terracotta Soldiers on a platform with a chest. Defeat them and take the loot from the chest.
  19. Decisive Battle of Guandu (1) – Behind the second huge statue is a hidden ledge with a golden cicada shell.
  20. Decisive Battle of Guandu (2) – After the first boss fight, go down to the area behind Shitieshou. There you will find a shell.