A man shouted down masked members of a white supremacist group who took out a march inside washington, DChas won legions of fans for what many called an act of bravery.

Joe Flood, a writer and photographer, was caught on video Saturday confronting about 150 masked white supremacist men The Patriot Front who marched in DC.

Arriving on his red bicycle, Mr Flood taunted the members as one of them gave a speech.

“Hey! Hey fascists!” Mr Flood could be heard saying in the video.

“No one likes you. Your mom hates you. Your friends hate you. You were the loser in your high school class. You’re sloppy. You don’t even match. You’re wearing all different kinds of pants. Cargo pants are out. Reclaim your virginity! ” he screamed.

The members of the far-right group marched down the National Mall wearing khaki pants and navy shirts with their faces completely covered with masks and sunglasses. They carried upside down American flags and shields with police officers seen escorting the group.

The video of Mr Flood’s confrontation quickly spread on social media and was even shown on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show.

In an interview with the network, Mr Flood expressed that he felt it was his “duty to speak out” in the face of such extremist views.

“This guy gave this speech,” he said. “He had to stop and pull it out of his pocket and then start reading it.

“So, every time he quit, I’d yell at him and tell him he was boring. And then I’d say, ‘Why can’t you memorize your speech? Why can’t you memorize your speech?'” he said of his exchange with the group members .

“And then I said, ‘You look like Gen Custer’s illegitimate son.’ The guy looked at me and I thought I understand you. I got your head. Now get out of my town,” he added.

Mr. Flood was praised on Twitter by many users who praised him for speaking on behalf of many Americans and single-handedly confronting the group.

“Well done, Joe Flood. He speaks for so many of us, especially those who live here. Thank you @joeflood. You are so funny, and so straight forward,” said Twitter user Clair C.

Skyleigh Heinen said: “Operation Old Navy Best thing I’ve seen is @joeflood come through like the champ!

“Omg Joe Flood is our hero,” said Lauren Bird Horowitz.