In our Zelda TOTK Mystic Armor Set Locations we are going to show you where to find Mystic Armor or Satori in Tears of the Kingdom. We will also explain how the Rupee Padding bonus effect works. It seems to be one of the most sought after pieces of armor in the game and is not easy to come by. Other than that, I don’t know if it’s worth the effort other than looking cool. Here’s the information so you can decide for yourself.

totk the place to recruit mystical armor
Location of the TOTK Mystic Armor Set

Where to find a set of mystical armor in Tears of the Kingdom

To find the Mystic Armor Set in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK, you need to find the special merchant Koltin. It is located on Mount Ulri, in the Akkala Highlands. His exact coordinates are: 3660, 2065, 0168. There’s even a side quest related to finding him, given by an NPC named Kilton. It’s located in Tarry Town at the following coordinates: 3959, 1641, 0128. Anyway, once you get to Coltin’s shiny hot air balloon, you’ll learn that he sells his wares for Bubbul Gems. Now you need to buy things from him until you get all three pieces of the mystic armor set: robe, pants, and headpiece. It will take some time and you may have to farm gems, but it’s there.

How Mystic Armor rupee lining works

Rupee Padding is a bonus to the Mystic Armor set in Zelda TOTK. The game tells you that it replaces losing health with losing rupees when you take damage. However, our experience shows that this does not work very well. Every time we got hit while wearing a full kit, we still lost a lot of health and a handful of rupees. Maybe it gives you more protection if you have more rupees / when you upgrade your armor. However, you should keep in mind that Mystic Armor does not fully convert damage into rupees. Do a little testing yourself and see how (and if) it works for you.