Fri. Nov 25th, 2022

You may be interested “Where is the Hydra Island Computer in the DMZ”? If yes, then you have come to the right place! There are dozens of different keys in MW2 DMZ mode, and there’s always that one key that you just don’t know what it opens for. For example, the key to the Zarkva water island computer. If you don’t know the location, we’ll show you the exact location in our guide.

Location of the Hydro Island DMZ Warzone 2 computer

Computer location on DMZ island

Where to find the Hydro Island computer in DMZ Warzone 2

So, you probably already know this, but every key in the DMZ will give you the coordinates once you select it in your inventory. And on the key to the computer of the hydro-island of Zarkva is written “E4”. So, this is the starting point. When you look at your map, you will see that this is the Zarkva Hydroelectric Landmark. Go there, and then go to the island right in the middle of the location. One that is connected to the surrounding area through several bridges.

On the island, look for a red building with a pond next to it (this is the only body of water on the island). Check our map and images for the exact location. The building can be entered from three sides, so it does not matter which side you approach it from. Enter the red building and go to the back room. In the back room you will see a table. And next to the Hydro Island computer! That’s it, this is the place you’ve been looking for. Just don’t be disappointed with what you find inside. In most cases, it will only be some electrical components costing around $100. With that said, our guide “Hydro Island Computer Locations in DMZ Warzone 2” is now complete.