another vintage real Madrid One night in Anfield. LiverpoolIts failure to match a single modern super club with a better Champions League record continues worse than ever.

As if whatever they do about it, whatever they try, Madrid finds a way.

Here Liverpool quickly took a 2-0 lead and looked like they could outrun the reigning champions. There was a very brief period when they looked invincible again. It only served as preparation for one of the biggest Champions League comebacks and one of the biggest Champions League away performances.

Madrid was no longer looking slow, as can be seen from those opening minutes. They were in control, blasting the ball onto the Anfield court.

Vinicius Jr., of course, can never seem slow no matter what. His speed was the primary influence on the game, shaping the course of the game and igniting the comeback with those speed-based goals. In contrast, the incomparable Luka Modric knew when to measure it, and Kerim Benzema when to be released The final winner of the Ballon D’Or naturally scored two goals, the first deflected first eventually taking the game away from Liverpool, the balanced second perhaps taking the whole draw from Liverpool.

Now they need a comeback for their era.

You could say this is all about turning the years back for Madrid, but it’s like there’s something eternal and inherent in Champions League standards.

Quite early in the second half, considerable away supporters started singing “we are the kings of Europe”.

Liverpool were disappointed after their flying start at Anfield.


This is so true that it cannot even be seen as provocation. There was a moment of unity as the Champions League anthem between the sets of fans before the match. booed after the infamous organization from last year’s Paris final. Liverpool certainly made their voices heard.

Everything fed into a noisy start. This was the disappointment of a team at a crossroads. There were signs of what they were and could be, only for them and Madrid to be taken back by what they are now. The defense was porous, even though the midfield functioned better offensively for a short time. The striker line itself looked like it had more.

Liverpool actually started the game like one of their own old European wins, especially during the Klopp era. The whirlwind start was reminiscent of the 2017-18 final run – but it would have had a few other undesirable repercussions, especially from the goalie.

But in the first few minutes, Liverpool played at a pace that Madrid could not match.

Darwin Nunez He played like he was going with it, eventually fitting into this team, the way it looked at last. A brilliantly innovative 1-0 finish was the surest sign of that, the Uruguayan going so far as to thunder in an otherwise delicate move. A little later, at 2-0 Mohammed Salah‘s lucky finish would present a crucial defensive headline.

This was a sign of what was to come and that it would not be Nunez’s night.

There was still a little bit more from Liverpool and a lot of touches from Courtois that only served to raise the scale of another Madrid comeback. In an almost impudent move, the goalkeeper mishandled the ball and allowed Salah to finish easily.

Mo Salah scored to put Liverpool 2-0 up but things went downhill from there.


This was the last time anything match-related was easy for Liverpool. It could almost be said that they had fallen into a classic Madrid trap.

Vinicius was definitely ready to jump. For the first goal, he smashed through the Liverpool defense in a new way, excitingly changing direction and changing the course of the whole game. The ending was very pure.

His second goal was nothing more than a desire to do more difficult work. While Alisson hesitated on the kick, Vinicius charged Alisson to make the ball fly out of him and in.

While the goalkeeper was looking at the nets, Madrid did not look at the night again. They were away. Liverpool could not escape this form of the game, Modric’s scrutiny, Vinicius’ escapades. As if they had been caught. Eder Militao made the situation 3-2, duly making use of his static back line before Benzema applied his usual touches.

That could be said to be even worse for Liverpool because it has not been a good Madrid. They don’t look believable in Spain and as they could do with more stardust.

The problem is, all this was said last season, and they leveled up at this very point last season… and then a few more.

Can we see the same now? We need to see something even more spectacular from Liverpool to block from the second leg.

Madrid does not seem sensitive to this. They don’t even look like they’re just defending European champions. They seem to be the masters of the continent.