A game that defies belief as well as its final form, history, and even description – and yet somehow it may fit into the larger realities of teams.

The bare facts beyond that sensational 7-0 score line Liverpool FC have another big home victory – and that’s saying something – as Manchester United failed to win a major away game once again.

There was, of course, much more than that, for both had risen to levels that were almost unimaginable. It was indeed an unthinkable result and at times it was difficult to make sense of it, let alone count it.

Actually For the first time in history, there was a seven-goal lead in fixture history.set a new record, beating the first game between the sides by one goal, at Anfield in 1895. It was 7-1 against Liverpool. This could have been much more. It was United’s worst competitive loss ever, and somehow far worse than what they went through here last season. Almost all of these painful memories were burdening the team and causing them to collapse even more.

The Anfield crowd were still demanding more, saying they wanted eight for the team.

They didn’t quite get it, but they’re going to get a lot more of this important fixture. They can have another season. They might have blown up United. This could be the effect of something like this.

Of course, there were physical factors as well as psychological ones.

While the United fixture roster seemed to be catching up to them, Liverpool were full of life and offering their best performance of the season so far. They looked like Liverpool again. They showed that they have a level that Ten Hag’s team has yet to reach, even given the freaky nature of the last 15 minutes and how United have collapsed.

Mohamed Salah celebrates Liverpool


This can be seen in the exciting stream of goals, from Andy Robertson’s perfect cross in the first to his thrilling run in the third. Cody Gakpo recorded both. perhaps presenting the first great signs of a new era that is now blossomingmeanwhile with Mo Salah adding a divine touch before following with the fourth and sixth – Step away from Robbie Fowler and become the Reds’ all-time Premier League goalscorer. Darwin Nunez continued his own resurgence with two titles looted.

That’s the thing. The goals were one of those you should note. Salah’s runner-up set a record as Liverpool’s top scorer in the Premier League. Roberto Firmino even added a small sign of congratulation after the news that his departure was expected.

Latest developments for United – at least one trophy last week – that means the wheels don’t come off exactly, but similarly, it may be little more than paying for the fixture list. This was not just another failure to win a major away game but another humility in a fixture like this. This followed 7-0 to Liverpool, 6-3 to Manchester City and 3-2 to Arsenal, which could have been much worse.

The only four – as Liverpool went well beyond four goals – could be huge away losses if you include Brentford.

Ten Hag has clearly gotten a lot right since then, but it can’t escape the debate that this is another match where they were wrong. The line-up was flawed from the start, primarily where Bruno Fernandes played, and had a knock-on effect on the entire team. The effects of the program have made the situation worse, as players like Casemiro are no longer sharp enough to fill the many gaps that have arisen. They turned into abysses.

Cody Gakpo celebrates for Liverpool


Meanwhile, a vibrant Liverpool prepared to exploit them. How else to describe that brilliant pause and insightful pass that Robertson made just before halftime that got Gapko straight into action? The touch and finish were still excellent, a bright sign of a confident performer. It seemed to have spread to the Liverpool team and there was no looking back from that point.

The question now is whether that will hold true for the season. They’ve already had these moments in this campaign, but not in such a convincing or emotionally satisfying way.

The game was actually even in terms of chances up to the first goal, but not in terms of play patterns. Ten Hag had again played a counter lineup, as they did against Newcastle United in the Carabao Cup final, and it was impossible not to feel that it depended on adjusting to the side’s latest efforts. The problem was that it meant they wouldn’t be able to muster the same energy and Liverpool is not Newcastle.

Man Utd eliminated at Anfield


Klopp’s side may only have gotten ahead of Eddie Howe, but it looks like this will continue for a while. Unlike Newcastle, they look full of goals and seem to have a lot of strikers in form right now. It’s remarkable how quickly things can change. This was highlighted by how fast Liverpool were. United couldn’t catch up.

When the first goal came in, it was like something that had been rocking for a while finally came to an end. United surrendered. Liverpool felt that something very big was going on. They seized the opportunity and created luck after chance.

There were moments when they didn’t have to revive them themselves. As with the disastrous defense for Salah’s second goal, United simply offered them.

Second? At this point, it was difficult to count. That’s how silly it got. Liverpool was that good. As if to add to their incredibly perfect afternoon, Firmino watched the crowning moment.

Who knows what this might do. Who knows what Real Madrid will think? Liverpool will go to the Bernabeu at once with all faiths. They need at least three people there. They looked like they got a lot more than eight here.

United didn’t know what hit them. That was part of the problem.

This was a small piece of history – it could be huge for the future.