Fri. Nov 25th, 2022

LIVERPOOL hero Danny Murphy is confident that England can win the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar.

But Murphy insists that manager Gareth Southgate keep his faith in how good his forwards are and let them play like they do in the Premier League.

Danny Murphy insists England can win 2022 World Cup in Qatar


Danny Murphy insists England can win 2022 World Cup in Qatar1 credit

The Three Lions got off to a quick start in Qatar by beating Iran 6-2 in their opening game and now they want to continue their game against the USA tonight.

With nine England appearances, Murphy was a bit skeptical before the tournament kicked off after the national team’s six-game winning streak and his fall from the Nations League’s best flight.

But the former midfielder insists he has nothing to fear, especially after favorites like Argentina and Germany’s shock losses to Saudi Arabia and Japan respectively.

But the former Liverpool, Tottenham and Fulham star believes Southgate should allow attacking players to unlock their full potential, as they have with teams like Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United.

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talk to Lord PingMurphy said: “Before the tournament, I was a bit skeptical because of our last form and a few injuries to key players who didn’t play much on the roster. When I said skeptical, I didn’t think we would come out in the Group, I wasn’t convinced we had enough quality to win it.

“From what I’ve seen, there’s nothing to fear. We’re sure we have the capacity to win this World Cup, and I couldn’t believe it after seeing some teams built over the past few days. as favourites. How many Argentines will we get into our team? Maybe two, three at the most. One to fear. nothing.

“I think Southgate needs to keep faith in how good we are. If the striker maintains faith in our players, our energy and our ability to be creative, play with the forefoot, like most players, the way our players love to play. If they do it at club level, then I think we can do that. Very carefully.” Or, if we’re being pragmatic, I think it works for the person we’re dealing with.

“Players in the team don’t play like that for club teams. That’s not how City play. That’s not how Liverpool and Arsenal play, that’s not how United play anymore.” [Erik] Ten Witches.

“I don’t think we should play any other way. Why do we play in a way that players aren’t used to playing for their club? Why are you sending a message to your opponent that we show you too much respect by playing five out of five? back?

“The way I see it, we really don’t have anyone to fear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m watching. [Kylian] Mbappe vs Australia, wow, wow, wow, what a player he is but he is just a player. I actually thought Australia created quite a few opportunities against France, sometimes they were caught completely off the hook, but maybe that’s because the French team got off the gas, who knows.

“The truth is this group of British players looks super talented and really confident. You need a little luck along the way, in tournament football, the best teams don’t always win the tournament.


Danny Murphy says England coach Gareth Southgate should let attackers play their own game


Danny Murphy says England coach Gareth Southgate should let attackers play their own gameCredit: Sun

“Actually, the best team rarely wins the tournament because something will go against you somewhere. You can’t pull yourself together in a one-off game. International tournament football is one-off matches in the knockout format, the Champions League, where many teams have two games and move on to the next stages because they can fix mistakes. It is different from.

“When we look back at international tournaments, there are always moments that change the game – [Wayne] Rooney is ejected from the game against Portugal. [David] Beckham is ejected. I think England won those games without these events.

“We’ll learn a lot more about England’s chances after the second round matches, but right now I have more confidence in this England team than I have in a long time. Everything looks good.”