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What a season this will be! Both Chelsea and Man City have been hit by shock losses today and are in eighth and seventh place respectively, no one would have guessed at the start of the first round. Start Game! Read the report of Liverpool’s spectacular 2-1 win over defending champions Chelsea:

Look at the celebrations It’s such a stunning result that even Liverpool can’t seem to believe it:

Here is the winning penalty. Fun fact for you, this is the first WSL match to include three penalties!

Attendance for today’s match was 3,006. This is a new record for Preston Park! What a game this is for fans to witness.

Chelsea manager Emma Hayes told Sky:: “First of all, congratulations to Liverpool. They did their game plans well. We knew the long throw from Campbell. We have to defend the second penalty better. I thought we weren’t good enough in the future. Nothing went where it was supposed to go. We’re disappointed, but we’re going.

“They play 5-4-1 and they don’t come out. They maximized opportunities. We couldn’t knock on the barn door today.

“We chalk it up and hit the road again. I always say, what’s there to worry about losing a football game?”

This is what the table looks like after the first round:

Liverpool manager Matt Beard told Sky:: “This is just the first game. I felt we deserved it throughout the game, especially after the tactical changes we made at halftime.

“We tested ourselves against the good sides of WSL throughout the preseason. We started slowly, it just took a while.

“We knew we could hurt them in a counterattack.”

in Campbell: “Every time we choose a team, we already have changes in mind. Shooting causes team problems.”

about injuries: “Second [Van der Sanden] He has had Achilles problem for a while. We don’t know about Kiernan, he’s in a boat.”

The match was the first match Chelsea lost after leading the league at halftime since 2013! The team to beat them nine years ago? Of course it was Liverpool.

Player of the Match Katie Stengel told Sky: “He reiterated that we must believe in ourselves. There’s another team out there, why not believe in ourselves?

About his thoughts before the penalty: “I told myself not to miss it. Please don’t miss it!

“When I step for a penalty, I decide what to do before I step up to take it.”

About working with Beard: “He makes up for his lack of height with motivational speeches!”

And next week at the derby: “I’m looking forward to the derby, we will play at Anfield. It’s a dream come true!”

Anyone get their breath back? Not me either! After that, we should hear from both managers. It will be interesting to see Emma Hayes’ reaction…

see what it means:

Chelsea will ruin chalked Sam Kerr goal, was seen as offside but marginal. There’s a lot of promise on how this season will go as Man City also lost earlier today! I know you don’t want to miss any action, so subscribe to our weekly newsletter below:

Beard threw himself into the coaching team with a radiant smile! The sad look on Chelsea’s face sums it up. They were very surprised and Liverpool made their mark on the WSL. This season will be so much fun!

Matt Beard celebrates Liverpool's win.
Matt Beard celebrates Liverpool’s win. Photo: John Powell/Liverpool FC/Getty Images

End of match: Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea

It’s a fairytale return to the top spot for Liverpool as two Katie Stengel penalties call off an early Fran Kirby point kick in a shock win against the defending champions. I am speechless, Emma Hayes looks speechless, the league is fully opened. Just wow.

90 + 5 min: Perisset makes a good cross but Laws catches it once again! Goalkeeper goes blind. Liverpool were awarded a free kick via Player of the Match Stengel, who also played very well for Liverpool. The hosts make a change for Stengel and Humphrey.

90 + 3 min: Liverpool are playing this game very well, the lure of heavy fighting will be there as Chelsea come forward but they are doing a great job. Another chance goes straight to Laws, even Beard stares in disbelief. Campbell has received a yellow card.

90 + 1 min: Stengel comes forward again, but Chelsea wins back. Liverpool are doing enough to push them on the ball, that’s amazing from Liverpool. They will have to weather an additional seven-minute wait. Cuthbert makes a great cross, but Laws picks up.

89 minutes: Chelsea are throwing everything at this to get an equalizer. Charles won a corner but oh my god! No one could have predicted this. The corner kick is rounded but Liverpool is enough to clear things up. I am actually in shock about this. I am very happy for Liverpool and if this result continues, it will open this league to the end.

PUNISHMENT! Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea (Stengel, 87)

Wow, I’m speechless. If the result stays like this, it’s a fairy tale return to WSL. Wow!

86 minutes: Buchanan awarded penalty! He can’t believe it but kicks Stengel out of the box, with Buchanan arguing as he tries to get the ball. Wow! What call.

Buchanan challenges Stengel.
Buchanan challenges Stengel. Photo: John Powell/Liverpool FC/Getty Images

85 minutes: Kirby is crossing and right in front of Kerr, who can’t shoot. Cuthbert throws a ball at Kirby, whose next pass is just beyond Kerr. Chelsea are desperate for three points here. England is open for James in another Chelsea change.

83 minutes: Liverpool are in full control here, Chelsea side looks like the ghost of last season right now. Chelsea take a corner after a patient game. They take it fast but Liverpool are coping.

81 min: Cankovic’s first touch with Chelsea shirt sees a throw-in. Campbell takes a long shot into the penalty area but Chelsea clears it. It was done directly by Kirby and so Liverpool came back with a long shot. Holland’s attempt passes over the bar.

79 minutes: Chelsea have a shot, but Laws collects well, the goalkeeper is very good in this match. The blues come to the fore again, Cuthbert’s luck hits the bar. Another change for Chelsea as Ingle leaves for Conkovic.

77 minutes: Eriksson is back on his feet and this time he will continue, Furness still on the floor. It has now stood up and looks like it will continue to do so. It’s great to see both players doing well.

75 minutes: Chelsea are stepping up and I’m surprised how little I’ve heard of Kerr and Cuthbert in this game. It shows how good Liverpool’s defense has been so far. Buchanan tried to break the Rules but was well read by the goalkeeper. There’s a head-on collision between Eriksson and Furness – both on the field and here, the game will be a hiatus.

Rachel Furness and Magdalena Eriksson receive treatment after a head-on collision.
Rachel Furness and Magdalena Eriksson receive treatment after a head-on collision. Photo: John Powell/Liverpool FC/Getty Images

73 minutes: Liverpool take the lead and a loose pass from Charles means Musovic must jump the ball before a fault is found. Hinds has a punt on the goal but goes away.

71 minutes: Chelsea changed with Bright and Reiten closed for Perisset and Rytting Kaneryd. Liverpool made three changes for Furness, Daniels and Roberts with Koivisto, Kearns and Lawley. Can Liverpool shock the reigning champions here?

69 minutes: Don’t you love a competitive match?! Chelsea want to respond quickly, but Reiten’s shot isn’t strong enough.

PUNISHMENT! Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea (Stengel, 67)

Wow! He’s deceiving Musovic and that’s a beauty, the game continues.

Stengel scores the equalizing goal.
Stengel scores the equalizing goal. Photo: Paul Greenwood/REX/Shutterstock
Stengel is harassed by his Liverpool teammates.
Stengel is harassed by his Liverpool teammates. Photo: John Powell/Liverpool FC/Getty Images

65 minutes: Campbell takes a long shot and bounces into the penalty area, Brilliant handball and a penalty! Bright is not happy at all, but his hand is out.

65 minutes: Cuthbert was off the ball but Chelsea won back halfway through. Property changes hands as Chelsea prepares to bring in fresh blood.

63 minutes: James feeds Kerr, but the Australian captain is considered offside. It’s another close call, and Kerr is probably going to have a bit of a hard time there.

61 minutes: Liverpool use the ball well to start the offense but Chelsea wins it back. The Blues eventually get a good position, but James’ attempt fails and he’s out of the game.

59 min: Chelsea are once again taking the lead through James, but Liverpool are still good at hitting the defending champions. Flaherty succeeds in closing Reiten and the ball goes to Laws.

57 min: Kiernan continues to be treated, he straightened up to talk to the paramedics, but then came right back. The player stood up but seemed difficult to walk, hopefully his injury is not too serious. He was replaced by Campbell.

55 minutes: The fans demand a free kick for Kiernan, who was injured from the ground. Matt Beard was not visibly impressed, but Buchanan went for the ball. Kiernan looks like she’s crying in pain, I hope she’s okay!

Leanne Kiernan was dropped.
Leanne Kiernan was dropped. Photo: John Powell/Liverpool FC/Getty Images

53 min: Charles is doing well with putting up a clean challenge to prevent another Liverpool attack. The home team really came alive this second half, the only thing missing now is a goal.

51 min: Chelsea were coming, but Liverpool quickly closed the threat and went on the counter. Kearns was on the run but his pass is out of play.

49 minutes: Buchanan is called in to deal with Liverpool’s threat and Reiten gains a shot to stop the danger. Hinds fouls James in midfield and gets the Blues.

47 minutes: Bright removes the early danger from Liverpool but it’s the Reds who have the ball so far this second half.

Coming back! Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

Can the last champions continue to win? Or will newly promoted Liverpool be able to score points?

Here is the penalty that has separated the sides so far:

Halftime: Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

It was a fast-paced half, but Kirby’s penalty was the only thing separating the sides. Chelsea have a lot of chances but their class defense is keeping the newly promoted club in that situation.

45 minutes: Flaherty’s frenzy with the early penalty is frustrating for Liverpool. Since then they have defended really well and need a finishing touch on offense, it has not been an easy journey for Chelsea. Kerr is offside once again, the third whistle for him.

43 min: For Chelsea, the ball goes around the penalty area, but nobody shoots clean. Bright sends it back but Fahey clears it. James brings it back and a crackling head away from Fahey keeps them out once again. Kirby has one last chance, but is thwarted. Defense masterclass right here.

41 minutes: Flaherty takes corners but it came from good defense. They go short on Kirby and try to whip him, but he is poorly managed by Chelsea and Liverpool walks away with him. The Blues quickly took it back despite the Reds playing.

39 minutes: Chelsea are playing a lot of games between the defenders right now. A crazy match with not many moments to breathe. Chelsea take the lead once again but Kirby loses control in the penalty area. The blues are back, but Kerr’s header goes away.

Sam Kerr goes to goal.
Sam Kerr goes to goal. Photo: Paul Greenwood/REX/Shutterstock

37 minutes: Liverpool’s free kick sees them play from behind, but Chelsea win right back. Ownership changes hands and ends with the forward flow of Blues. Kirby poked the ball, but a communication error saw he couldn’t find a teammate and Liverpool was back in their hands.

35 minutes: Charles kicks out of the game, which has so far been a bit of a sloppy game for the Chelsea player. Lawley almost unraveled Liverpool’s offense but there’s just too much in the middle. Liverpool will take a free kick after Reiten fouls Koivisto.

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