2023 was a great year for the return of horror franchises. However, this is one of the more interesting series to return later this year Exorcist Director Halloweenof David Gordon Green. As we get closer to the old movie’s October release date, horror fans are slowly learning more and more about the film. It is being reported now Linda Blair In the new film, he returns as his iconic character Regan McNeil Exorcist Film.

This report comes from On the line They say their sources have told them that Blair has been on set for a few days and will have a small role in the film. A Blumhouse rep also told the publication that “Linda Blair has been working as a consultant on the upcoming Exorcist film.” If this is true, Blair will join the co-op again Ellen Burstyn Chris MacNeil played Regan’s mother in the original film.


First Exorcist based on the 1973 film William Peter Blatty the book of the same name is still considered one the scariest movies ever made. This movie features Regan, a young girl possessed by the demon Pazuzu. Whether it’s the chilly slow-burn atmosphere or the demonic imagery ahead of its time, or the spectacular scenes of Regan vomiting, spinning his head, and the crab walking backwards down the stairs, this is one of Warner Brothers’ horror national treasures. In addition, the classic film will be released in 4K for the first time in celebration of the World Bank’s 100th birthday.

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What’s new? Exorcist About?

While much is still unknown about the plot of the new film, it will follow the father he played Leslie Odom Jr., his daughter became a victim of the devil. This causes him to go to Chris McNeil for help, as he knows such a traumatic experience well. Therefore, it would make sense for Regan to appear in the film. Blair’s character has not been seen since his stardom The Exorcist II: The Heretic, so it would be nice to see the actress return to the character for the first time in nearly five decades. Odom Jr. and will star in the sequel alongside Burstyn Ann Dowd, Lydia Jewett, Raphael Sbarge, Jennifer Nettlesand Olivia Marcum.

When The Exorcist Will you go out?

new Exorcist It will be released exclusively in theaters on October 13, 2023. This is the planned first part of a new trilogy. While horror fans anxiously await Blair’s return, you can check out the original Exorcist trailer below.