Jurgen Klopp He could be forgiven for going through traumatic flashbacks. to mention Loris Karius and a cup final may have been enough to bring back unwanted memories. LiverpoolThe goalkeepers of the Champions League finals can describe the heroism of Bruce Grobbelaar and Jerzy Dudek’s penalty shootout. Then came 2018, the moment when Karius kicked the ball into Karim Benzema’s outstretched foot and watched Gareth Bale’s squirming long-range shot roll into the Liverpool net.

A few days later, doctors concluded that Karius suffered a concussion. An explanation may not have changed anything. It is one of the most infamous goalkeeping shows in football history. It was Karius’ 49th.pearl and the last game for Liverpool. And now it could be in the first and maybe the last cup final for Newcastle: in a way it’s not the same size, but it’s still very important as United haven’t won a major cup in 54 years.

Occasionally football provides a chance for redemption, but the idea that luck equalizes itself, Nick Pope: heartbreak for goalkeepers could precede the finals, and the suspended England national team, a man who had a part-time job at Next after being released by Ipswich and headed to become one of the players of the season, could feel an injustice. The game he missed could be Newcastle’s biggest game in 54 years. Maybe fate decides that Karius is his assistant now. “It’s unbelievable, like a script from a movie,” said Pope’s usual backup. martin dubravka. “We want a happy ending now”

However, with his attention focused on his team, Klopp assumed that Dubravka would replace Pope at Wembley. Except that the Slovak player, who had the cup tied, played for both Manchester and Manchester. Newcastle United this season; maybe he will get the medals of both the winner and the loser on Sunday, whoever wins but won’t play. He said it was a very strange situation for me. “But that’s part of the story.” The missing character is Karl Darlow, Newcastle’s third choice, on loan at Hull.

And so Newcastle’s hopes may rest on Karius, who made a short-term signing in September, almost two years after his last appearance for any of them; Union Berlin. Klopp added: “You can absolutely count on him. “He’s a fantastic goalkeeper.” But actions can speak louder than words, and he released Karius last summer; his compatriot was Liverpool’s fifth choice at the time and then fourth-placed Marcelo Pitaluga, now in the eighth stage. On loan in Macclesfield.

Eddie Howe He made a bold face, but he had to. HE He talked about Karius’ experience in big games, though his experience with the eldest was traumatic. He described the German as the best goalkeeper to transfer for free in January, which cursed him with light praise. He talked about friendly matches played behind closed doors and training matches played by Karius.

This is all very different from facing Marcus Rashford in front of 90,000 people at Wembley. Dubravka similarly tried to appear to support Karius. “He hasn’t played much football but is a very experienced player who looks good in practice,” he said. “I’m sure he will run the game well.”

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However, Pope has proof that if an impromptu action out of the box caused a problem, he could otherwise deal with it. Recently passed 930 minutes without acknowledgment. It has the cleanest sheets in the Premier League. He was the division’s best goalkeeper this season.

At Anfield, they tend to argue that the best in the world is Karius’ successor. One reason the German player even played the 2018 Champions League final was because he waited. Alison Becker become available. If losing to Real is worth the price, they can say it was worth the wait: Indeed, the Brazilian was the undisputed man of the match in the 2019 final.

The awkward job split between Simon Mignolet and Karius was followed by the simplicity of choosing the obvious candidate. Despite all of Newcastle’s talk about Karius’ experience, he was inexperienced, 24 years old, thrown into the biggest game of his life, while there was already evidence that his overt talent was compromised by an indecision that seemed to stem from an excess of confidence.

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Klopp left the St James’ Park grounds with a distinctive grin and hugged Alisson; His quick pass led to Pope’s dismissal and Newcastle scoring just two points out of three games. Bruno Guimaraes banned, may now be counting the cost of another suspension.

Klopp often had to defend Karius. He tends to simply praise Alisson. “He’s a goalkeeper and we love having him,” he said; This love may be greater as Liverpool remembers they have a more unreliable goalkeeper. “Ali saved our ass,” as he said many times last season. This was not his only unusual tribute. Back at the 2019 Club World Cup and borrowing a song from Queen’s Radio Gaga, Klopp started singing “All you need is Alisson Becker”.

And now all Newcastle has is Loris Karius.