during a Wired in which video James Gunn and Sean Gunn Answered the most searched questions on the Internet, said the co-chairman of DC Studios Superman: Legacy Filming is scheduled to begin in January 2024. The film will be re-released in theaters in the DCU, starring Gunn. Man of Steel is the writer and director for the new adventure.

Last year, Gunn and Peter Safran announced that Warner Bros. Hired by Discovery to rebuild DC Studios and create a new series of interconnected storylines across movies, TV shows, and even video games. Gunn and Safran revealed part of their grand plan last January, how noted Superman: Legacy is the first theater chapter of The story “Gods and monsters”.. This is not surprising, as Superman is one of DC’s most popular characters and the first superhero to appear in comic books.


While Gunn and Safran have been tight-lipped about leaks, we already know a few things Superman: Legacy. First, thank you Flash Resetting the DCU timeline, Gunn’s upcoming projects could bring new stars to the fold to play DC heroes and villains. It happens with this Superman: Legacyan actor younger than Henry Cavill playing the Man of Steel in the next decade. Fans have been trying to guess who Gunn would choose for such an important role, but so far, the director has been the only one. shut down the rumours.

legacy of superman

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Gunn also pointed out how Superman: Legacy will be does not serve as an origin story, instead follow the Man of Steel as a well-established hero. Also, Clark Kent won’t be the only fan-favorite character involved in the project, as the upcoming film Superman’s friend Jimmy Olsen.

How so Superman: Legacy Will it connect to the new DCU?

While Gunn and Safran have revealed several projects they’re currently working on for the new DCU, we still don’t know what will connect these separate TV shows and movies. Still, Krypton is definitely a big part of Gunn and Safran’s plan. Although Superman: Legacy It’s not an origin story, Gunn says, but the film will shed light on the character’s past. Additionally, the new DCU includes a Based on the movie Supergirl Tom Kingof The woman of tomorrow comicsit shows how Kara Zor-El became a completely different superhero after the destruction of Krypton.

Superman: Legacy It flies into theaters on July 11, 2025. Watch the Gunn Brothers video below.