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The first time I landed on my skateboard, it was one of the most enjoyable moments in my entire (albeit short-lived) sports career. I was 11, still learning how to fly and didn’t know how to even get to the handrail, which was about half my height. Skateboarding, in general, has a steep learning curve. But being comfortable enough to finally get on the rails, catch them properly, slide all the way, and then roll away is euphoric.

The game Session: skate simulator took me back to that first moment when I got on the board; the controls are unlike any skateboard game I’ve played before, and the process of moving required my brain to rewire and learn something completely new. And just like real skateboarding, it takes practice but becomes more natural over time. I learned to push and ally; learned the basics like push-it and kickflip (something I could never do in real life); figured out how to manipulate the board to do what I wanted.

Session: skate simulator

In the end, what seemed impossible at first – finishing a full session as if I were filming a real part of a skateboard video – became one of the most rewarding moments of my video game career. The controls felt natural and I could go down stairs or shift 5-0 with relative ease.

I’ve spent close to 100 hours playing Early Access over the past few years and have put together a few tips and tricks to help any newbie feel comfortable on their board. FROM Session: skate simulator Officially Releases Today on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|SI can’t wait to get back, set up a new board, and explore everything the game has to offer.

Session: skate simulator

Take your time to learn

As noted above, the controls are unlike anything you’ve come across before. At first, everything may seem intimidating, but you will soon realize how great your control is. The game claims to be a simulator, and controlling each leg with the appropriate joysticks makes it one. Find a ladder or ledge, place a marker so you can keep respawning, and practice – the controls will soon get easier.

Despite the hours I’ve spent, I’m still learning every time I play. With the game offering brand new controls for transition skating and lip tricks, I see myself learning things I could never do on a real board.

Session: skate simulator

Master your favorite trick

Like most professional riders, it helps to figure out which tricks you like best and master them; this will build confidence and also give you the ability to leave quickly if you get stuck in the middle of a line. If there is a trick you want to land but can’t figure out how to implement it, Session: skate simulator offers an excellent trick guide that will show you how to accomplish almost anything you would like to learn.

Looking everywhere to skate

Session: skate simulator created a truly immersive world with real locations from major cities that have been featured in skateboarding videos spanning generations. You can ride the Pyramid Ledges in New York City, FDR Park in Philadelphia, or the newly added Pier 7 at Embarcadero in San Francisco, to name a few. Apart from the places you can get to know, the virtual world can be skated around, creating nearly limitless filming opportunities if you’re creative enough. Speaking of…

Session: skate simulator

Document the most important moments

Performing big stunts or finishing races can be incredibly rewarding, so use the replay editor to capture the moment. With a variety of filters and camera lens options, you can capture a piece of video straight out of the 90s or use your videographer skills to create something unique – tag @actionofcreate on Twitter and you can broadcast your clip everywhere.

Inspired by the golden age of street skating – the 1990s – Session: skate simulator allows you to experience real skateboarding and its culture. It officially exits Game Preview today and is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Standard edition Session: skate simulator available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S here or grab the Deluxe Edition below:

Session: Skate Sim Deluxe Edition

Xbox Live

Session: Skate Sim Deluxe Edition




The DELUXE EDITION contains: – SESSION: SKATE SIM – Péitruss Skatepark in Luxembourg – New training ground: Hangar – Exclusive equipment for prisoners – 2 exclusive grip bands AUTHENTIC GAMEPLAY Thanks to the control of two joysticks, each joystick represents one of your legs. You will need to learn how to control them and transfer weight, just like on a real skateboard. Physics has been designed with realism, fluidity and immersion in mind. As in real life, for a beginner skateboarder, the first hours may seem difficult, but once you master the technique, you will feel an unrivaled high from the first kickflip! Session: Skate Sim also includes full customization options so you can enjoy the perfect experience tailored to you. The complete guide provides all the help you need to get started, and you can choose from four difficulty levels! 1990S AND SKATE CULTURE Inspired by the golden age of street skating in the 1990s, Session: Skate Sim lets you experience real skateboarding and its culture: no scoring system; just you, your place and your imagination! The judges don’t have to tell you that your toe slide or heel flip is perfect for the spot. And since some locations are iconic, the developers have added several of them to the game for you to skate and express your creativity, including Black Hubbas (New York), Brooklyn Banks (New York), FDR Park (Philadelphia) and many other stains. “IF IT DIDN’T HAPPEN ON VIDEO, IT DID NOT HAPPEN” It’s one thing to skate and show the best lines in the best places, but if no one is filming it, it really didn’t happen… In Session : Skate Sim, you can shoot with a 1990s filter or fisheye lens, and you can also use a video editor to create and share your own clips. You can play with several options, including changing the field of view, time of day, filters, and different camera views (tripod, orbit, etc.). Session: Skate Sim also offers the opportunity to transform from a skater to a director: make your moves, then switch to movie mode to see the action from your cameraman’s point of view and create the best clip. PERSONALIZATION Show off your style with an extensive customization system for your skateboard and skateboard. By completing tasks, you earn money that can be spent in skate shops. You can find about 200 items (hoodies, shoes, caps, t-shirts, pants, etc.) from leading brands such as Fallen, Zero, GrindKing, Thankyou, HIJINX Net, Antilanta, Roger Skate CO, No-Comply, iDabble . and others. You can also customize your skateboard with over 250 parts like wheels, carts and many other components from famous brands like No-Comply, Grind King, Thankyou and many more. Apart from the design aspect, the way you ride is influenced by the components (carts, risers, wheels…). Find the ones that suit your style and destroy the most iconic places!

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