League of Legends” reveals details of the upcoming rework of one of the game’s most controversial characters.

League of Legends has revealed that the upcoming patch 13.5 will feature a major overhaul for one of the MOBA’s most controversial champions, Yuumi. The the globally popular MOBA from Riot Games regularly uses reworks as a way to change a Champion’s playstyle when a developer feels their kit is outdated or lacking. Earlier this month, the studio began an overhaul of Aurelion Sol, changing core elements of the space dragon to make it more intuitive for players. Now next on the schedule is one of the game’s most controversial champions.


Since her debut in League of Legends in 2019, Yuumi was one of the most controversial champions in MOBAs, with passionate haters and defenders alike. Magic Cat has a playstyle that focuses on attaching to allies and providing buffs and healing, all of which make her unusable. She has consistently been a strong support choice in the game and often appears at the highest levels of competitive play. Riot revealed late last year that a Yuumi update was in the works, and now lead designer Phroxzon has shared more details.

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Riot Games’ Matt Leung-Harrison, also known as Phroxzon, has shared details of Yuumi’s upcoming rework, which is set to arrive in patch 13.5. Yuumi’s healing will be moved from her E to her passive, prioritizing hitting her Q skills to provide healing. Yuumi’s rework also introduces a new Friendship mechanic for the Champion, with her abilities gaining additional effects when attached to her “Best Friend”. A few other minor changes have also been added to Champion, e.g the ability to control it is Ultimate while attaching as well as healing allies.

Phroxzon also shared some of Riot’s thoughts and goals for Yuumi’s rework, as well as a significant change in her price. Yuumi’s price in League of Legends‘ the in-game shop will be reduced to only 450 Blue Essence, the lowest level for playable characters, and repositions her as a starting champion. Phroxzon emphasized Yuumi’s importance in “bringing new friends into the game” with an easy-to-learn playstyle that rewards duo players in turn. The redesign prioritized making her better for the average player while keeping her power at a professional level.

Yuumi’s rework comes amid several champion reboots both within the past year and planned for 2023 League of Legends. I saw it last year the long-awaited remake of Udyr, completely redoing the champion’s visual theme, lore, and abilities. Riot also previously confirmed that a major Skarner rework is in the works, and the Scorpion champion is expected to receive a major update later this year. Yuumi’s redesign will make the magical cat game a better experience for casual players League of Legends players

League of Legends now available for PC.

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