Riot Games has published the official patch notes for League of Legendsnext patch, 13.16.

This patch has relatively few balance changes compared to the previous pair, but it does have some important additions, not the least of which is the release of a new champion, Milio.

In terms of balance, the nerfs come to the three biggest offenders in the League, Yuumi, Veigar, and Aurelion Sol. Meanwhile, Ash, Galio, Talon, and Vain gain buffs.

Yuumi was a terror after her rework, drawing a fair amount of criticism from the community since its introduction. To address this issue, Riot has made several changes to their Stealth Projectile (Q), including reduced cooldown, increased mana cost, reduced missile speed, and reduced maximum range. Her ultimate has also taken a hit as the bonus resistance of her Best Friend passive has been completely removed.

Aurelion Sol’s Singularity (E) cooldown has been changed to 12 seconds at all levels, while his ultimate has undergone various changes. Stardust requirements have been increased for Sol’s ultimate upgrade, and the stun duration and range have been reduced.

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Veigar has dominated the bot lane ever since his range increased. Riot nerfs his base health and base armor, and the base damage of his Dark Matter (W) has also been reduced from previous levels.

As for the buffs, Ash has her passive damage increased, Dr. Mundo will now have extra damage from jungle monsters, Galio has received a buff to Durand’s Shield (W), and the cooldown of his Justice Strike (E) has been reduced. Talon damage from Rake (W) has been increased to allow him to farm from a distance in more difficult matchups. Vane finally gets a long-awaited buff to her passive, with the ability to increase her movement speed to enemy champions from 30 to 45.

A few items are being adjusted, Nashor’s Tooth will be 200 gold more expensive, but will get 15 ability boosts. Navori Quickblades get a small nerf and the Bloodthirster’s shield is reduced.

As stated earlier, Milio will release this patch, the exact release date is March 22nd. A new line of skins, Faerie Court, will also be released with this patch. Milio, Karma, Katarina, Seraphina, Fiora, Kalista, Ezreal and Shen will get a new skin.

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