Partick Thistle manager Kris Doolan announces they will attack cinch Premier League play-off final with the same mentality scoring 16 goals in four games.

The Jags set up a two-legged final against. Kilmarnock or Ross County 5-0 semi-final second leg 10-man win separate In Somerset Park.

Looking forward to next Thursday’s first game, Doolan said: “There’s a reason they’re a Premier League side but we have a one-way mentality, we want to go up.

“We didn’t limp into the play-offs, we didn’t sit back and absorb the pressure, we were the team that went up. That won’t change in the final.”

A double from Scott Tiffoney and goals from Jack McMillan, Steven Lawless and Kevin Holt rounded out an 8-0 collective victory.

Doolan said: “It’s an expression of what we can do. It was great to watch five goals scored under the pressure in a playoff game.

“We got stronger as these games went on and we talked about it.

“When you’re used to losing games and you’re facing a Championship team that’s used to winning, I was on the other side of that as a Premiership side. We’ve created a winning environment here.

“We will rest and be ready for the next challenge and start with confidence.”

Ayr’s top scorer, Dipo Akinyemi, was sent off after attacking Aaron Muirhead in the 25th minute and appearing to catch the defender’s chin with his forearm.

“I didn’t see it, so I’m careful not to comment, but before that, I felt a foul had been taken on him and he reacted,” said Ayr manager Lee Bullen.

“But you can’t react and you can’t raise your hands. By law, he’ll probably go but he might not raise his hands if he gets fouled in the first place.”

Meanwhile, Bullen was in the dark because of the rumors. Dundee He had applied to Ayr for permission to speak with him about his vacant administrative positions.

“I’ve never heard of a dickie bird,” she said.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing. I have work to do in Ayr, we’re just at the beginning of that, we’re making a story at Ayr United and I’ve really heard nothing from Dundee.”