Fear the walking dead has already aired the first episode of its final season, which indicates that another chapter is coming to an end soon The Walking Dead epic. As the acclaimed series draws to a close, the Season 8 premiere, Remember What They Got From You, introduced some unexpected developments, including Madison Clarke (played by). Kim Dickens) amazing character arc that turns him into a villain with a heartbreaking back story.

In the eighth episode of season 4, Madison sacrificed herself to save her children, Nick (Frank Dillane) and Alicia (Alicia Debnam-Carey), from the approaching zombies; he locked himself in a baseball stadium to buy time for the others to escape. However, Season 7 finale Discovered that Madison had been alive all her life. But what happened to him after all these years when everyone believed him dead? in an interview with Comicsthe actress revealed that her character lost everything, including her children and seven years of her life, which ultimately led her to do some bad things.


“She has some really shocking crimes in Season 7 that go against the whole theme of her motherhood. She has to sort of reconcile that. I think what she did to her, there are ghosts from her childhood that she has to reconcile with her father, (and) she’s at the beginning of the apocalypse. decisions made.”

A group of people on the road looking ahead

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The Season 8 The premiere picked up where the season 7 finale left off, with Madison helping Morgan Jones (Lenny James) in season 7, escape from a PADRE-controlled island with Mo, a kidnapped baby, hired by the PADRE to be “The Collector”. After three seasons, there was a lot to uncover about what happened to Madison, and the actress said she agrees Dave Erickson, the show’s co-creator, about Madison’s character arc. He also told ComicBook:

“He didn’t tell me anything specific, but I thought he was trying to be a villain. I think he was a villain. Whether or not he can come back from that, I think that’s part of the journey. For his arc season offers. He’s got that moral compass again and he’s just hanging around,” she said, adding, “I don’t know. I think he’s going to have his moments.”

The Walking Dead The saga is far from over

Fear the walking dead paved the way for several spinoffs from The Walking Dead in the coming years. While the critically acclaimed series is coming to an end, fans can look forward to more The Walking Dead including future content The Walking Dead: Dead CityPremieres on June 18, as well The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. The Walking Dead: The Summiton the other hand, will premiere in 2024.

Fear the walking deadairs new episodes on Thursdays on AMC+ and Sundays on AMC. You can watch the season 8 premiere clip below.