Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Pokemon TCG Online is no longer as dynamic as it used to be. In fact, this is not true – this software is so mature that almost all the flaws were eliminated along the way. But, despite this, in general, he shows his age. Pokémon TCG Live here to slowly but surely replace sunset online in its entirety.

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Longtime players of Pokemon TCG Online will experience at least a mild mental whirlwind when joining Live. It’s unavoidable. But if you know the biggest changes ahead of time, we think you’ll adapt to the Pokémon TCG Live ecosystem quickly enough to get back into the fray.


Fewer formats

Pokemon TCG Live Standard Explanation

Pokemon TCG Online had a wider set of battle formats. At first glance, this sounds like a net gain for the old and a net loss for the new, but let’s focus on what’s gone: Legacy and theme, the first of which challenged players to use only old cards, and then only from the HeartGold & SoulSilver and Black & White generations. It was fun, but essentially it was nothing more than a time machine in a very specific era.

The theme, on the other hand, reduced the playing field to the pre-built starter decks from TCG Online, and to be honest, they weren’t very good. The novelty of playing head-to-head with below-average cards wore off quickly, at least for us. It was a balancing act of sorts, forcing veteran players to put their powerful Pokémon aside to give new fans a fighting chance. An honorable goal, but a banal one.

To make matters worse, the existence of the Legacy contributed to a somewhat overly long early game phase of Pokemon TCG Online, in which new players are stuck with a collection of weak cards that don’t exactly pick up the pulse in the middle of the action. If you miss these formats, we apologize; we don’t want it to sound like we’re passing judgment. This is not our place! But we don’t miss them.

More subtle features

pokemon tcg live lugia

What we have now is Standard as well as extended, the bread and butter of the Pokemon collectible card game. The standard works identically to TCG Online as it is a truly universal concept. Each year, some of the oldest expansions are removed from the standard rotation, generally maintaining a meta-wide balance and focusing on the current era. This prevents more competitive matches from becoming a billion risky strategic proposals.

Extended is actually an option to ignore it and ask for a billion ideas, although you should know ahead of time that it’s more like a million. That is, Extended currently only covers sunset and moonset times. From The Pokemon Company resource pages, we know that X & Y and Black & White cards will be added to the Live structure later., but at the time of this writing they are not available. Once they appear, Expanded will appear more expansive.

However, once this is ironed out, we will have a faster interface that simulates real-life Pokemon TCG duels better than TCG Online has ever been able to.

A more lively reward cycle

Pokemon TCG Live Battle Hello Splash

There’s nothing wrong with the way Pokemon TCG Online rewards players for sticking with the game as such. Considering the app has been around for almost a decade, it’s actually pretty good. You earn points (of various currency nomenclature) from battling players, which makes sense. You are climbing Ladder of awards every week that starts with mediocre prizes but really pays off by the end.

We also like that TCG Online lacks microtransactions, so we’re excited about that. Pokemon TCG Live also doesn’t have microtransactions.. The game seems to be based more on the fundamental idea that it’s an ad system to get people to go out and buy real cards since you can digitally connect decks and boosters to grow your collection.

But even without “MTX”, TCG Live includes a modern Battle Pass akin to what you’ve seen in games as thematically different as Call of Duty and several popular MOBAs. With the Battle Pass, you climb the TCG Online reward ladder much more thoroughly, with 50 reward tiers and much more time to complete it.

The end result is a more lively cycle that allows us to earn more and faster, so that almost every match results in something free that comes to us either from battle passes or by leveling up our player.

Improved Battle Pass

Lugia VStar Rainbow Rare from Pokemon TCG, with blurry background

Replacing the Reward Ladder Battle Pass isn’t just more satisfying. We also like its increased variety of prizes.

You will climb the battle pass from level to level, earning Boosters, various forms of currency (which in turn are used to purchase additional sets, as well as certain cards and various goodies), and even complete decks.. There is Premium Battle Pass, which you unlock fairly quickly by spending some of the crystals you win just by playing. Both Battle Passes are completely free and offer 100 levels per season.

First of all, immigrants from TCG Online will certainly notice the accumulation of rewards. fast in TCG Live, which gives it a more competitive edge in the gaming industry, where every live game requires you to participate on a daily basis.

A little blunder


All in all, we are thrilled with Pokemon TCG Live. But if there’s one area where TCG Online still wins, it’s the relative stability of the app. TCG Live is new software. At the moment it remains even in “open beta”. You will run into more bugs than Bermie if you catch our Driflum.

Expect the occasional full timeout, hopefully while you’re browsing your collection and editing your decks, and not in the middle of a match. Don’t be surprised if your Pikachu image doesn’t load; it will get there. You may experience a delay that can range from a decent shrug to a game breaking but most likely only on a regular basis. Not that it makes things perfect, but it does mean that Pokemon TCG Live is currently playable. Usually.

In the future, we will probably replace this last section with something more elegant. At least we really hope we can! For now, if there’s one reason to stick with the old home and hearth of TCG Online, it’s this one.

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