There are still a few questions about the future of the MCU that extend to Tom Holland Spider-Man 4. Fortunately, Kevin Feige has provided an update on the return of the wall scanner.

Holland runs with Spiderman character was impressive as Coming back home, Far from home, and There is no road won over critics and audiences at the box office. And considering that many pirates Spider-Man: No Way Home was as big as Avengers: Infinity War or Endgamethere was never any chance that Holland wouldn’t get a fourth major adventure as a character.


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MCU spear header Feige recently revealed that not only Spider-Man 4 (so to speak) on the way, but the story is at least partially mapped out. β€œAll I will say is that we have history. We have big ideas for it, and our writers are just putting pen to paper right now,” Feige said. Entertainment Weekly. Essentially, this means that production is in the early stages, and fans can rest assured that any of the major dangling threads left behind There is no road will either be continued or tied up. It’s also nice (and deservedly so) that Spider-Man is finally expanding beyond the status of a superhero trilogy.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man holding his head with a stunned expression on his face.

There are so many different places he could go There is no roadconclusion. There’s also the argument that Peter Parker, the film’s hero, has never been in a more interesting place, even including his Spider-Man No More phase in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. Not to mention, the character develops in interesting ways outside of Holland, so a cinematic translation could easily follow suit. Example, Amazon is developing a live-action Spider-Man Noir series with the participation of In the universe of the spiderPhil Lord and Christopher Miller.

So while Feig has been very tight-lipped about the fourth Spidey movie, there’s plenty of reason to believe it will live up to the bar set by There is no road. Not to mention whether in the fourth Spidermanfifth, or even Avengers: Secret Warsthere’s always the potential to bring back not only Andrew Garfield, but a visibly ready Tobey Maguirethe same.

In short, audiences will soon be back in their theater seats for Spidey (as well as the chemistry between Holland and Zendaya). Just not a hundred percent whether it will be in a team film, a solo project or just what form this solo venture will take.

Spider-Man 4 is in development at Marvel Studios.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly