Kevin DeBruyne And Aymeric Laporte He will miss Manchester City’s Champions League match RB Leipzig manager due to illness Pep Guardiola Confirmed.

Both players took part in Saturday’s match. Nottingham forest however, she has reported that she has not been feeling well since then.

Both were absent as Guardiola’s squad held an open practice session on Tuesday morning and made it to Germany for Wednesday’s last 16 debuts.

Speaking at the pre-match press conference at Red Bull Arena, Guardiola said: “This is it.

“It happens sometimes throughout the season. Just after the game in Nottingham on Sunday, Kevin didn’t feel well and yesterday Ayme didn’t feel well.

“Other players will play. Sometimes it happens.”

Quarterback De Bruyne played 88 minutes in a frustrating 1-1 draw at City Ground, and defender Laporte finished the entire game.

As the England national team continued to recover from a thigh injury, they were joined by defender John Stones on the sidelines.

Guardiola added that he was unsure whether De Bruyne or Laporte would be available for Saturday’s game at Bournemouth.