Kevin Costnerdeparture of Yellowstone It’s a tough pill to swallow for fans, but at least it means we can look forward to more projects from him in the near future. Costner is currently hard at work on his next major Western project, The horizon It is planned as an epic spanning four films. The actor recently shared some interesting information about the project on social media, revealing that the film’s production is going well.

Costner took to Twitter to boldly post a photo of the director’s chair with the film’s title. While the photo doesn’t give much away about what to expect, it does tease the film Western setting it sits against a backdrop of mountainous and desert surroundings. In the caption, Costner says he’s excited to write the project; “We’re in production on #HorizonFilm and I have to tell you, I haven’t felt this way about a movie since we did Dances With Wolves. I can’t wait to share it with you all. ” Film, Dances with Wolves was what the actor referred to his directorial debut It was released in 1990 to critical acclaim and was a hit at the box office as well. The Western won 7 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director for Costner.


Likewise Dances with Wolves, The horizon It’s yet another bold attempt by Costner to further his legacy in his beloved genre. It’s been a long-term passion project It was turned down by major studios, but Costner was determined to make it happen. in a recent interview with Submission deadline; termination period about the decision to self-finance the project, Kostner said; “I mortgaged 10 acres of land on the water where I was going to build my last house in Santa Barbara,” added, “But I did it without thinking. It put my accountant in a bad situation. But it’s my life and I believe in the idea and the story.’

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What is this The horizon Who and about whom in the West?

Major plot details about the film are still under wraps, but it is known to be set in pre- and post-Civil War America and told from the perspective of Native Americans. The film’s official IMDb page teases that The horizon “A Multifaceted, 15-Year Chronicle of the Expansion and Settlement of the Pre- and Post-Civil War American West.” In addition to starring and directing, Costner also co-wrote the screenplay John Baird.

The horizon including a huge star cast for its cast Costner’s Yellowstone costar, Danny Houston, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Jamie Campbell Bower, Luke Wilson, Thomas Haden Church, Michael Rooker, Jena Malone, Isabel Fuhrmanand Alejandro Edda, among others. Costner’s teenage son will also be in attendance Hayes Costner whoever he mocks, plays the name of his hero. Although a release date has yet to be set, Warner Bros. Pictures and distributed by New Line Cinema, the films are scheduled to be released back-to-back at least three months apart.

While we wait for more news on Horizon, you can watch the 1990 trailer Dances with Wolves down.