Keanu Reeves offered an update on Constantine 2 and whether James Gunn has anything to say about the DC supernatural detective.

18 years have passed since then Konstantin was in theaters, but the franchise still has some life left. In response to questions from fans, Keanu Reeves, who played the titular occult detective John Constantine, recently shared an update on the sequel.

Konstantin is an adaptation DC comic book character of the same name. Last year, it was announced that Reeves and Warner Bros. work on a Konstantin sequel, but little has been revealed about the project. James Gunn, CEO of DC Studios, recently reshuffled or canceled several projects in DC’s slate to revitalize the company’s cinematic offerings. However, a representative of Warner Bros. confirmed it Konstantin nobody canceled the sequel last month.


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During a recent AMA on RedditA fan asked Reeves if he had talked to Gunn about Konstantin continuation. In addition, fans said they hope to see the film in theaters. Reeves replied, “Yeah, me too.” Konstantin 2 writer Akiva Goldsman, who also produced the first film, said he was working on the film’s script and praised Reeves. Goldsman said the character is “very Keanu-like” and noted that the director of the first film, Francis Lawrence, created the moral of the film’s universe. Lawrence is also expected to return for the second film, once again directing the production.

The point is that Konstantin 2 what still happens is a surprise. Gunn noted that the future DCU will not strictly adhere to one continuity, as there are various Elseworlds projects in the works. So the first movie doesn’t necessarily have to be canon for the rest of the DCU. Konstantin is a cult classicbut it wasn’t a huge success when it first came out, making it an exception to revived franchises.

however, the character of John Constantine has many storylines to adapt. Constantine is a fan-favorite DC character who, until recent years, didn’t always get a chance to shine in one of the DC adaptations. The fact that Gunn is willing to take a chance on an older franchise with a dedicated fan base is probably a good sign. The original movie didn’t necessarily live up to the comics completely, but a sequel could adapt many other elements from the comics and explore the character in more depth.

Konstantin 2 is in development by Warner Bros.

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