(Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for John Wick: Chapter 4)

Now this John Wick: Chapter Four is finally out, and some of us already know how it ends, it’s inevitable to wonder how the gun-fu master will be portrayed in the next installment. John Wick universe, Ballerina. Of course, that’s a possibility Ana De Armas-led entry has always been a kind of prequel, but now Keanu Reeves came forward to say exactly when in the timeline Ballerina fits – it would also explain how Vic would be alive to take part in the story.

The interesting part is Ballerina doesn’t happen very early in the franchise. This is great news for fans, as it shows that the John Wick story isn’t being retold from the ground up – often a recipe for disaster when it comes to plot holes. In a previous interview, Ballerina the writer Shay Hatten he scoffed covers the origin of the film Baba Yaga. Andy Reeves told our editor-in-chief in an interview with Collider Steve Weintraub They don’t have to go very far to learn about the character’s past:


“I got to wear the suit one more time, it was so good. It’s a Len Wiseman movie directed by Ana de Armas and how they collaborated with Chad and I on the timeline. So it happens between chapters three and four, which is great.

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The John Wick The puzzle grew stronger

So, as Reeves reveals, there is a missing piece of growth John Wick A universe that we will only discover when Ballerina premieres. As we know, the story revolves around a woman who is Rooney (De Armas). seeking revenge for the death of his family. In John Wick Universe, anyone could kill the Rooney family, even John Wick himself on a mission. We know Rooney and Wick crosses paths at some point, but the extent of that encounter will only be revealed to us in the future.

On top of that, even if the title character is gone, we can’t forget John Wick the universe does not end: aside Ballerinaprequel series called Continental is already working and now we have come across another one hotel manager inside John Wick: Chapter Fourwe sensed the possibilities that the series could explore.

Ballerina managed by Len Wiseman (Underworld), also featured a stellar cast Ian McShane, Norman Reedus, Gabriel Byrne, Anjelica Huston, Catalina Sandino Morenoand late Lance Reddick.

John Wick: Chapter 4 in theaters everywhere. You can watch Keanu Reeves talk to us about the film’s action scenes below: