Keanu Reeves has paid an emotional tribute to Point Break’s Patrick Swayze, recalling his time working with the late star on the action film.

Keanu Reeves has paid emotional tribute to the star, more than a decade after his death. Point BreakPatrick Swayze. The duo played undercover FBI agent Johnny Utah and Bodhi, the leader of a gang of surfers and bank robbers, in the 1991 action film, who find themselves caught up in a cat-and-mouse game while bonding with each other. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, Point Break was a box office success and received generally positive reviews, and is now being hailed as a cult classic.

Lionsgate and Keanu Reeves recently hosted “Ask for what you want” on Reddit to promote an upcoming release John Wick: Chapter 4. When a fan asked her about her favorite memory of working on it Point Break, Reeves paid an emotional tribute to the late star, highlighting his time working with Patrick Swayze. See what Reeves had to say below:

Working with Patrick Swayze. He was a gentleman and a total pro, a movie star, an inspiration.

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Why Point Break’s Bodhi remains Swayze’s best character?

Patrick Swayze in Point Break

During his 30-year career, Swayze brought to life a number of unforgettable characters. including Dirty dancingJohnny, A ghostSam and To Wong Fu, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar‘s Vida, all of which earned him a Golden Globe nomination. However, for many, it was Bodhi’s turn Point Break remains his most iconic character for a number of reasons, chief among them his obvious charisma as the leader of the bank robbers.

Bodhi and his crew were found to be behind Point Break‘s heists were set up as major plot twists as Reeves’ character developed a close relationship with a good-looking local surfing legend. Even after the truth is finally revealed and the two learn each other’s true identities, Swayze finds a way Bodhini is a likable character, not being a general badass to those around her unless they cross her path, as with the security guard and off-duty cop killed in the last bank robbery .

Although it has been mocked and joked about since its release, Point Break remains a very influential film in the action genre, as proven by Fast and furious success of the franchise, the original film only replaced street racing with sofas and banks with trucks. Whether Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto can reach the same charismatic heights as Swayze’s Bodhi is a matter of personal preference, although the former’s transition from antihero to hero shares DNA with the latter. Viewers can look at Swayze’s incredible turnaround story with Bodhi Point Break Stream on HBO Max.

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