The John Wick the movies are full of stunts involving guns, knives, and cars, and star Keanu Reeves said he suffered two relatively serious injuries during filming. After the surprise success of the first film in 2016 John Wick the franchise only gained in popularity. All of the films in the franchise are known for their brutal yet balletic action sequences that are carefully choreographed, and Reeves says that some of the moves have been too realistic on several occasions.


in a recent interview with ahead of John Wick: Chapter 4 release, Reeves recounts two on-set accidents while filming the hit franchise. While it’s clear on screen that minor cuts, scrapes and bruises are common for Reeves and all stuntmen, there were two cases where things were a little more serious. Check out Reeves’ full review below:

“I mean, everybody’s tired — but it’s the best kind of tired. It’s like you’ve climbed a mountain, and now you’re resting; like you’ve finished the game and won. On accidents: I made a mistake once “I cut a gentleman’s head off. It was really quiet (sorry). The hospital, but he was fine.”

Here’s how the John Wick franchise moves to the next level

Keanu Reeves hides behind an overturned car in John Wick Chapter 4

First John Wick was made on a relatively small budget, but quickly attracted the attention of the audience due to its unique style of action filmmaking. Taking cues from Asian action cinema, which relies less on quick cuts and shaky cams to convey action, John Wick puts Reeves’ character front and center. Reeves has been through months John Wick training for the role, learning to shoot, drive and fight, allowing him to perform many of his own stunts.

Directed by Chad Stachelski, a former stuntman himself (and Reeves’ stunt double Matrixno less), the movement design ethos of the former John Wick pushed even further for each subsequent series. With a bigger budget, Reeves has more to do, and each film sees him take on more and more enemies in increasingly creative ways. out of John Wick In the franchise’s signature “gun fu” action, the killer dispatches enemies with his car, knives, bare hands and, on at least one occasion, a pen.

Unfortunately, since most of the action involves hand-to-hand combat, falling, and drifting the car on realistic terrain, the chances of injury are high. Also, as Reeves points out, accidents are more likely to happen before and after it John Wick stunt team gets old after hours of grueling stunt work. That being said, in almost 10 years of filming, only two accidents are not a terrible record, and it’s clear what happens on the scene. John Wick movies are doing wonders for the audience.


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