Bandai Namco has released a new Tekken 8 gameplay trailer, and this time it focuses on Kazuya Mishima’s Ice Heir himself. The trailer shows more Tekken 8and once again introduces the ruthless Kazuya as one of the central pillars of the registry.

In the trailer, Kazuya, as cold and implacable as you’d expect, confronts his son, Jin Kazama. Since this trailer is about Kazuya, it’s no surprise that the father comes out of the fight much better than the son. You can take a look at the trailer, which should get you hyped if you’re excited Tekken 8exactly here.


After the (rather charismatic) announcer announces Kazuya’s entry into the fray, we see the Mishima heir perform his trademark combos, chaining punches and kicks together to devastating effect. However, as if that wasn’t enough, Kazuya transforms into his iconic Devil form, gaining access to even stronger attacks and laser projectiles. It’s a good thing that Jean also has the appearance of a devil, although he doesn’t turn into one in this trailer.

In the trailer’s climax, Kazuya grabs his son by the neck, calling him “pathetic.” Nice to see that Kazuya hasn’t lost any of his edge in the transition to Tekken 8. He is the second main character that Bandai Namco has featured in a gameplay trailer, the first being the iconic Agent Nina Williams, who received her own game trailer a couple of weeks ago.

Tekken 8 was first announced during the EVO fighting game tournament in August last year. Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date or even an approximate timeframe yet Tekken 8, so we don’t know when the game will arrive yet. But when it does, it will come to mind PS5, Xbox Series X|Sand PC. Watch this space to find out more Tekken 8 information.