katie taylor He suffered his first professional loss in Dublin on Saturday, losing to Chantelle Cameron on points.

Taylor entered 3Arena as the undefeated and undisputed lightweight champion, while his British opponent was undefeated and claimed the undisputed superlightweight titles.

In Taylor’s professional debut in his home country of Ireland, notably, he lost a majority decision to Olympic gold medalist Cameron, who was also victorious on two of the judges’ scorecards (96-94, 96-94); the third referee scored the competition as a draw (95-95).

The match was held at an intense pace, with 32-year-old Cameron battling the forefoot and applying heavy pressure throughout the match.

Taylor’s every punch was met with a roar in Dublin, but the 36-year-old seemed to be losing the competition in the middle rounds as Cameron was shooting harder and harder.

Taylor, Ringside applause by UFC star and compatriot Conor McGregorcaused a few eye-catching flutters in the final frames, but his quick, straight punches didn’t surprise Cameron. In contrast, Taylor looked somewhat worn out from her opponent’s frequent body kicks.

Taylor expressed her desire for a rematch as the fighters spoke in the ring after the main event, before her promoter Eddie Hearn reiterated that a rematch clause would allow for a second skirmish between the women. He added that it will likely take place in Dublin in the fall.

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