katie taylor She wants to play a rematch with Chantelle Cameron in the fall. Losing your first fight in Dublin on a Saturday night.

Undefeated yet, Cameron defended the undisputed lightweight title with a 95-95 draw in the 10-round fight and 96-94, 96-94 scores in Cameron’s favour.

A disappointed Taylor told DAZN After a match with Cameron, where he’s set his sights on another competition.

“I’m not sure (if it was melee) I should have looked back,” he said.

Congratulations to Chantelle and thank you for this opportunity. I’m looking forward to the rematch.

“I wasn’t surprised by how fast he was. I waited for everything that came my way, but tonight I fell short. I look forward to facing him next time. I knew it was a close fight, every round was close but this is boxing.”

Cameron wants to win more belts.

He said: “I am petrified. I’ve seen results go awry in the past. It was a close fight and Katie is a great boxer, the best per pound. My strength is to apply pressure. I don’t mind getting hit, so my corner got me off the leash.

“I beat (Jessica) McCaskill 147 in the last fight and now I’ve beaten another undisputed champion. I’m tired of holding on to my belts, I want to wear more belts.”

supportive Eddie Hearn He said there would be a second fight.

“I want to congratulate Katie and Chantelle for showing us what boxing means,” he said.

“It was a fight that could go either way, but I think the result was right.

There is a rematch clause and we want to do it again in the fall. Katie has only one thing on her mind and it’s a rematch.”