1998 in an industry that loves to rehash/reboot old favorites An urban legend seemed like the perfect revival candidate in the horror department. Yes, we got it Urban Legends: Final Cut In 2000 and Urban Legends: Bloody Mary in 2005, but there’s room for improvement—a lot of improvement, in fact.

As the title suggests, An urban legend Leans heavily on the idea of ​​true crimes being misinterpreted and turned into local legends. In the case of Pendleton University, that legend is the Stanley Hall Massacre. When a campus is hit by a series of murders, the tendency to label tragedies like urban legends leaves the door open for the killer to pick off his victims one by one.

Although the 1998 original had some specificity regarding the killer’s location and motive An urban legend the concept is universal and ready for modernization. In August 2020Collider exclusively an An urban legend restart was in action at Screen Gems Colin Minihan managing a group of actors expected to include Sidney Chandler and Catherine McNamara. In the new film, the college student characters are said to witness “a series of strange deaths that resemble urban legends linked to the darkest corners of social media.” Unfortunately, no further reports were made and that was the last we heard of the news An urban legend movie.


urban legend movie
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Eager for an update, I had to ask McNamara about the status of the project in our time Collider Ladies Night interview to celebrate his latest release, Charlie Daydirectorial debut of A fool’s paradise. He began:

“It was kind of a new story, I could tell from the script. Colin Minihan was the director of this. He’s a great mind who just happened to be a great friend. I wish it was so. This cast would be amazing. There are many friends in this role.”

Although Minihan, Screen Gems and Phoenix Pictures were able to assemble a very strong team for the film, unforeseen circumstances prevented the project from being implemented – the COVID-19 pandemic and drastic changes in the industry. McNamara put it this way:

“The role was the role of a lifetime for me. It was a lot of fun. But who knows, you know? The studio is no longer a company, and it’s one of those things that has been relocated. This is industrial logistics happening in my dream world, but I ordered this job a week before the pandemic, so it fell victim to COVID.

Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, Joshua Jackson and Michael Rosenbaum

Given Screen Gems is still busy making horror movies lately Pope’s Exorcist and they have Trick: Red door in the corner, it can be assumed that the above know the potential value An urban legend franchise. While that seems like a long shot, one can only hope that the company will give Minihan’s script another shot, but somehow I’m willing to bet on a new one. An urban legend the movie will soon become a reality.

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