Karen Gillan is installed in a side by side star Russell Crowe in the upcoming cold case crime drama Sleeping dogsand joins them Marton Chokas (The Lord of the Rings), Harry Greenwood (Hacksaw Ridge) and Thomas M. Wright (Above the lake).

The film is adapted from the critically acclaimed novel by EO Chirovici. Book of mirrorsand screenwriter Adam Cooper and Bill collage (Assassins Creed, Exodus: Gods and Kings). Cooper will also direct, marking his directorial debut.

In the story, “After an advanced treatment for Alzheimer’s, Crowe’s character, a former homicide detective, is tasked with re-examining a brutal murder case from his past – the gruesome murder of a college professor (Csokas). A detective struggling to regain his memory enlists a former partner to help revive the investigation. They encounter a magnetic and mysterious woman (Gillan), a tangle of contradictions and secrets, and a shocking truth that changes the detective’s world view in the blink of an eye.”

As a fan of crime thrillers, this might be interesting. It certainly has an amazing cast!