Jurgen Klopp He acknowledged that it’s unlikely that Hollywood producers will compete for the rights to the Reds’ deflated season, but the Liverpool boss remained optimistic about the unwritten end of his side’s campaign.

Goalless draw against the 12th placed team Crystal Palace That was probably not the definitive statement Klopp’s side would have hoped to make after their spectacular dissolution following their 5-2 Champions League defeat. real Madrid at the beginning of the week.

Still, the boss felt the need to remind his opponents, including those in his locker room, that his side had walked away by one point at Selhurst Park: “I see it in your eyes and the players’ eyes. It’s like we lost the game. We didn’t.

“We indulge in a lot of things but we can’t suffer because of our own history, that would really be a joke.

“It won’t be the season where everyone in the history books says, ‘Let’s look at that season over and over again’. There won’t be big movies about it or anything like that, but we still have to go over it.

“We’re going to show, it’s not always ‘Oh, here we won, everything’s great, now we’ve dropped a point, it’s all bullshit’. We have to keep going. Grab the items and go again. Grab the items and go again. And we’re going to do just that.

“So, nothing really changed tonight. You can see two ways. We didn’t win, it sounds very negative. We have more points than before, I think that sounds pretty positive. So you can choose.”

We pamper ourselves with so many things but we can’t suffer because of our own history, that would really be a joke

Jurgen Klopp

Before the halftime break, both sides had a chance to take advantage.

The Reds’ opportunity came when Joel Matip sent Andrew Robertson’s free kick in the direction: Diogo JotaHe cut off the outside edge of the left post with a headshot from six yards away.

Jean-Philippe Mateta nearly took the Palace lead but jolted the crossbar, the woodwork blocking Mohamed Salah right after the restart.

Both Joe Gomez and Darwin Nunez were eliminated due to injury before Saturday’s competition, the runner-up suffered an aggravating injury to his shoulder after the Real Madrid match and was abandoned, “he can’t move his arm at all”, according to Klopp.

Gomez will be reevaluated while Gomez misses the match due to muscle problems.

Drawn five times since the start of the new year, Palace is still chasing their first win in 2023, their failure to turn the odds on display again.

Eagles boss Patrick Vieira was confident that his team would score even in the absence of injured and still-injured top scorer Wilfried Zaha in Saturday’s game.

He said: “I think it’s just about trust. I work with them every day and I see the quality they have. They can all finish. It’s all about scoring goals, and it’s about putting practice into play to build that confidence.

“I have no doubts about the quality they have to finish these chances.”