Jurgen Klopp warned Liverpoolfor competitors Champions League They will go at full throttle to make sure they haven’t completely given up on the fight for fourth place and will play again in Europe’s biggest competition next season.

sees german Tottenham With Arsenal and two Manchester clubs as the favourites, guaranteed to be in the top four, but he realizes that Antonio Conte’s team still needs to visit Anfield in the match.

But Liverpool have taken 10 points from their last four league games to move up to sixth place and keep their own hopes alive, and without this improved run, Klopp thinks they might be trapped in no one’s land.

He said: “The important thing about the chase is that the chase isn’t a one-day trip, you really have to go for it. I have no idea what this means to them but I think they’ve already figured out that we’re not completely gone.

“Not if we’re on nobody’s land. And this is clear. But we played almost every team that was ahead of us – Newcastle Not anymore, but Tottenham will still come here. Tottenham won their game against Chelsea and if they win all of their games our chase is long over.

“We don’t need to think: just take match by match and keep going, go full throttle, really get in and try to win somehow and use the good moments and don’t suffer. less well understood.

“I don’t know what it means for the other teams, but they know we’re still around and it’s better than they can’t see us anymore.”