Jurgen Klopp shrugged Mohammed Salah‘s tweet there is no “excuse” for Liverpoolfailure to qualify Champions League as a “perfectly normal” reaction to disappointments.

After three Champions League finals and six consecutive top fours in 2019, Liverpool are doomed to fifth place this season. Manchester United beat Chelsea on Thursday.

And Then Salah tweeted.: “I am completely devastated. There is absolutely no excuse for this. We had everything we needed to go to the Champions League next year and we failed. We are Liverpool and qualifying for the competition is minimal.”

However, Klopp insisted it was a momentary reaction and said the top scorer is fine at the moment.

He said: “It’s completely normal. Lots of bad things happen all the time in the social media world and I don’t think this is one of them. It was a normal description of his condition, his feelings, and he was right in that moment, right after the match. It’s not the time to send optimistic messages right away, maybe an hour or a day from now.

“When it’s a fact that you can no longer make it to the Champions League… even though I knew they (Newcastle and Manchester United) only needed one point after the last game (against Aston Villa), it was clear to me that they would get that point. I kind of drew a line.I’m a very optimistic person but I couldn’t see that right now.

“It was a normal expression of his feelings and he was right, but I saw him in the canteen an hour ago and he was smiling. He’s not in a bad mood.”

Salah devastated for missing Champions League qualifiers

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Liverpool’s season will conclude in Southampton on Sunday, with Darwin Nunez likely to be eligible to play again and Andy Robertson and Ibrahima Konate suspect.

Klopp has acknowledged that Fabio Carvalho could leave Liverpool on loan next season after a tough first year at Anfield.

“This wasn’t Fabio’s best year of his career, but it could have been Fabio’s most important. No actor has impressed me more. That’s right. This talented boy came here with big dreams and high expectations. It didn’t work out, but his work ethic gave him a great career. I’m not sure if he’s renting or staying with us.”

Klopp believes that Liverpool, which are looking to sign two midfielders this summer, may struggle to reach their biggest transfer goals right away, but are not worried about their arrival in early July.

Liverpool often make early signings and Klopp added: It’s always possible that things aren’t going as fast as you’d like. This is not only possible, it is likely. The better players you want, the less desire the other club will have to let him go.

“And that’s exactly what we’re prepared for. But there’s a long window, a long pre-season, and a long break in between, so if we can get players tomorrow or in six or seven weeks, that’s not going to change the game for me.”