Jurgen Klopp conscious Liverpool It has to keep up with its “accelerating” competitors when it comes to the transfer market.

Two of his last three big signings – Luis Diaz And Cody Gakpolast January and this – were long-term targets and the Reds responded quickly to fend off interest from Tottenham and Manchester United respectively.

Although there is some uncertainty about Champions League With the club seven points behind the top four next season, despite having two games in hand, manager Klopp has goals for summer rebuilding and wants to act fast.

While last season fought for the foursome until the final two games of the campaign, that was not possible due to the pending departure of sporting director Julian Ward in the summer and the potential loss of a seventh consecutive season’s cash boost among Europe’s elite. can complicate things.

“It’s no use (losing in the Champions League). Money always has an effect. Of course it does, but this summer is definitely a summer where we have to be in the market,” he said.

“I’m sorry we can’t guarantee the Champions League at the moment but it’s not over yet, we’re going to fight for it so we don’t have to talk like it’s not possible.

“But it’s hard and difficult and I think it’s going to be a long overdue decision (if we qualify).

“We have to start working before we know where we’re going in terms of position and competition in Europe, so here these things are clear.

“My job is to be 100 percent clear on what we need in terms of sport and then other people give us the resources or whatever. I have nothing to do with that.

“We’ve built a grandstand and training ground and the club is in a really good place, but a few people around us are speeding up a bit and you can’t ignore that.”

We need to start earlier, before we know where we’re going in terms of position. A few people around us are speeding up a bit and you can’t ignore it.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

Earlier this week, main owner John W Henry confirmed that the club is not actually put up for sale by Fenway Sports Group, but is seeking outside investment and is confident the search will be fruitful.

“When he’s optimistic, I’m optimistic because that’s his job. I’m not into investing,” said Klopp, denying Ward’s departure from the incredibly successful Michael Edwards just a year after taking over, putting more power in his hands.

“I always say the same thing. I can’t make any decisions about money. Not about a penny. It’s always the same.

“The old-fashioned rulers maybe had a budget and could work like that, it’s not like that.”

But with his plans in place for a summer break, Klopp must find a way to get the squad he has to play more consistently after back-to-back Premier League wins and confidence-shattering 5-2 midweek wins. Lost to Real Madrid.

Attention is turned to veteran players, even with players who were authoritative before. Virgil Van Dijk they come for criticism when sending soft targets.

Klopp has denied being too loyal to the players who have had so much success over his seven-and-a-half years, but he’s also not prepared to make rash decisions.

I think differently because I spend time with people.” “The outside world does not give people time. This world is a crazy place. Not just football, all of them.

“We no longer have time for anything, we know everything instantly. We Google everything. Now or never. I am from a different time.

“I know that everyone needs time to grow and do their best. Everything in life needs time and everyone accepts it for himself, not for anyone else. I couldn’t care less about that.

“Our trial is part of the whole show. It’s perfectly normal for people to do that.”