George of the Jungle star Brendan Fraser recalls receiving a number of unexpected complaints from parents whose children started hitting trees.

Jungle George star Brendan Fraser said there were a number of unexpected complaints from parents after Disney’s live-action movie was released. Fraser played the role of George, a young man who grew up in the woods and had a habit of swinging on trees in the vineyards. Disney’s family comedy in 1997 received a mixed reception, although it was a box office success.

in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on them Awards talk said on the podcast that he had received a lot of complaints about Frazier Jungle George, specifically from parents whose children are starting to act like his character. Long before Fraser became famous Mummy, he seemed to accidentally inspire kids who wanted to be like George to hit trees. Check out what Fraser had to say below:

For a while there, my parents stopped me saying, “Oh man, I loved you in Jungle George, that was a great movie. I’m skin to bone with you, give my kid eight stitches.” fell.” Rubber trees, George hit the rubber trees!

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Why Woodland remains a favorite of George Fraser

Jungle George

The fact that many children self-harm to look like Fraser’s Georgie shows how popular Jungle George was with the target demographic at the time. Although the film did not receive as much critical acclaim as Fraser’s other work, it maintained a comedic and lighthearted tone throughout. Building on it’s premise with some silly presentation and continuing the story of an interesting rescue mission about the gorilla Monkey, Jungle George is considered can be funny and interesting for children.

The success of the original Jungle George created a direct video sequel, George the Jungle 2. In the second film, Fraser was replaced by Christopher Duerman as George, who now spends his time as the king of the jungle raising his young son, George. Whalenow the door is open for him to return to a number of franchises he once managed, including Jungle George.

Otherwise Jungle George a sequel was to be made with Fraser, the film could be substituted George the Jungle 2 a direct sequel to the original in the franchise. There may also be a time interval Causes Frasier to become George someone else’s mentor, perhaps George Jr., who is just coming of age. It would be interesting to see how modern it is Jungle George sequel looks like this, the memories of how Fraser inspired kids with the original may be the best.

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