Jumanji 4 received a promising update from franchise star Kevin Hart, who says he’s considering returning for the next film. Jumanji‘s sequel is famous for taking a group of friends into the bodies of video game characters from the universe of the same name. video GAME. The prequel to the fantasy comedy franchise, Jumanji: The Next LevelHart is seen playing a playable avatar Mouse, a zoologist controlled by newcomer Milo (Danny Glover) and player Fridge Johnson (Ser’Darius Blaine).

talk to Diversity On the Oscars red carpet, Hart confirmed that there are ideas works for Jumanji 4.

He revealed what else he talked about with his co-star Dwayne Johnson Jumanji may lead to a sequel. Check out what Hart had to say below:

We need to do this soon. I talked to (Dwayne Johnson) yesterday. We have big ideas right now.

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What to expect in Jumanji 4

Dwayne Johnson in Jumanji

With plans to return for Hart Jumanji 4, the film could continue the tradition of franchise sequels where real-world characters control avatars in the game world. While it’s unclear what adventure Mouse, Smolder, Shelly, and Ruby will be involved in next, it looks like it will continue to involve the video game rather than returning to the original. Jumanji game. Perhaps, looking ahead, the Jumanji video GAME remains the central magical object of the franchise.

However, there is a strong possibility of this Jumanji 4 Hart and Johnson will not be in the game world, despite portraying the game’s characters. Post credit scene Jumanji: The Next Level A heater repairman who finds a video game in Spencer’s basement. After playing the game, a flock of ostriches can be seen running down the street. This means that Jumanji 4 Featuring animals and people in a game world that interacts with reality, it can take more than the original film.

If Jumanji: The Next Level‘s post-credits scene is canon, then Jumanji 4 can have a feature the characters of the game interact directly with real college students. If that’s the case, Hart and Johnson could be donning different personas, as they did in previous films in the franchise, since Mouse and Smolder’s avatars will no longer be controlled by students. Hart’s commentary suggests that ideas for the next film will now emerge, and if there is a post-credits scene for the film. Jumanji: The Next Level there is something that can happen Jumanji 4 may be the biggest film of the franchise.

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