Juliette LewisNatalie and Orange cypressTaissa has been through a lot Yellow jackets Season 1, but they’re introduced right out of the gate as determined forces with particularly well-defined qualities and goals. However, things are changing in Season 2 and it feels as if their foundation is being shaken even more than this time around.

At the end of season 1, Natalie was kidnapped before taking her own life, and Taissa won an unexpected election for the state Senate, but Simone’s marriage was about to break up her marriage (Rukia Bernard) the discovery of an eerie shrine in the basement. As season 2 begins, it is quickly revealed that Natalie has been taken to Lottie’s (Simone Kessell) has remained healthy for her own safety, and Taissa’s frequent visits to her sleepwalking self are compounded by career and family pressures.

Cast of yellow jackets season 2
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Given that Taissa and Natalie are going through such significant changes (and possibly growth) this season, I’m looking to Cypress and Lewis to make sure that all of their actions are grounded regardless of their headspace or circumstances. I chose to request anchors for . in some coherent reality. Sarv began:

“When you’re creating a character, you have to create who that character is, their history, and things like that. On TV it changes from time to time, but at the core of who Taissa is, she’s a narcissist, she’s selfish. Even when he falls in Season 2, he’s still selfish. I don’t know how many of you have seen, but her finding Van isn’t about helping Van. This is to help himself. Trying to help himself, I think he will come back – it’s like your first love as a teenager, and after 20 years you see that person again, you already go back to your old habits and it’s the same. You will see Taissa in season 2. She doesn’t look like Season 1 Taissa.’

Juliette Lewis
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Just like Taissa isn’t like the Season 1 version of the character, so the same goes for Natalie. Lewis described Natalie’s current situation and how she prepared for this season’s role:

“Natalie is completely different because she broke her will in the first season. You really see someone going through the drain and doing it in a rough way because her love was stolen from her and she’s so toxic. So and it’s a new place, it’s cleaned up. It wasn’t voluntary. But I watched a few things from suicide survivors. It was really fascinating because you (a) turn on a dime to want to live in the unfolding of events you could tell. A guy, he does TED talks, he jumped off a bridge and survived. It was really fascinating. But it’s different, Natalie wants to find the truth and she’s softer and for her it’s really strange, unfamiliar place – in the end he wants answers to make it better for everyone.

Looking for more from Cypress, Lewis and Simone Kessel? Yellow jackets Season 2? We’ll have the second half of this interview for you when Episode 6 goes on sale on April 30th.

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