jos buttler He stood by England’s decision to stray from the tried and trusted despite losing to Bangladesh, which avoided the acquittal of the one-day international series with a 50-round win at Chattogram.

There was a slightly experimental feel to this dead rubber when debuting. rehan ahmet while the champion was a leg spinner, he was the only Englishman to get his full share Adil Rashid only sent five more.

Sam Curran was promoted to number five in batting, having only appeared in seven or eight in his previous 15 games. ODIspushed forward England Captain Buttler and his assistant Moeen Ali.

It was a chance to gather as much information as possible and expose people to different situations.

jos buttler

The tweaks were a modest success, as Ahmed took one to 62 after becoming England’s youngest male ODI player, and Curran had 49 hits 23 on the ball, and Tourists chasing 247 trailed 196 points in 43.1.

“(I) have no regrets,” Buttler said. “I thought it made sense to give Rehan the opportunity to bowl – it’s great to see him bowling and bowling against good players, putting him under some pressure.

“I thought he was doing really well. He lacks confidence, he has a lot of confidence in his talent which is great for a young man. He was willing to go bowling and challenge himself on very aggressive fields, which is a great sign for the future. For a debuting man, he puts himself in a great way.” I thought you were managing.

“It was definitely an opportunity for Sam to make his debut for Rehan to hit number five. I see great potential in Sam Curran’s shot.

“It was a chance to gather as much information as possible and expose people to different situations. If we lose the game, so be it, but I believed we had a team and performance that could win the game.”

With a 2-1 series win, England have no further ODI until September, when their defense of their World Cup crown in India will be weeks away.

Buttler has hinted that he had an intuition of his best roster prior to this series, and while that may be the case, he thinks England has plenty of options to turn to later this year.

“You have an idea, but it’s a long time before that point,” Buttler said. “I’m sure things will change over time, but we are in a really strong position.

“We have a lot of really talented players, and some of our very experienced players are not here right now, so we’re going to have a really tough roster to choose from.”

Buttler and white ball head coach Matthew Mott were rarely able to build a full-strength roster in ODIs or T20s due to injuries and prioritization of the Test team amid a busy fixture schedule.

Buttler is well aware that in the months leading up to the T20 World Cup last year, there was a similar situation where the big guns were pulled over in a tournament where England continued to win.

“The schedule to get your best 11 on the field is extremely demanding,” Buttler added. “Looking back at the T20 World Cup, we probably never played our best 11 at all.

“We had to enter the tournament and we kept winning, although we haven’t always had the opportunity to play in our best team for a while, it gives you a lot of confidence.

“International cricket is more focused on ICC tournaments and we are moving towards that. We know that when the World Cup comes we will have a choice from anyone available.”