Disney’s recent decision to clean up its library following the merger of its streaming platforms Disney+ and Hulu has sparked outrage. What surprised subscribers was the removal of very recent titles from the new catalog, including high fantasy series. Willow. Remove the series with The World According to Jeff Goldblum, The Mysterious Benedictine Societyand others pissed off fans and people on their watchlists, but one person didn’t mind at all: Willows own creator Jonathan Kasdan.

The show’s creator and head writer revealed on Twitter that he had a different take on the news Disney took it down his work from the content library. Kasdan says that “losing” a title you want to see takes him back to his childhood. Disney movies It wasn’t easy to get to them, which made the kids wait for every update. He wrote:


“I’m quiet about the news that Willow is leaving Disney+ because… I’m a little interested in it. I grew up in a time when Disney movies were occasionally re-released and impossible to own, and that made them… even more special. I’m worried about a lot of things…but none of them Willow will be on Disney+ anymore, maybe…elsewhere, and you never know where that could lead…weird things happen was. I am so grateful for all the love and enthusiasm; It’s really what keeps these worlds alive.”

Image via Disney+

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Millenials are used to (and don’t even miss) reprints.

Any millennial and boomer will tell you that past generations valued certain experiences more than they do today because we didn’t always have full catalogs. For some of the less popular titles, just sitting down to watch them can become a real chore, as you’d either find them on the bottom shelves of video stores or wait for network TV or cable to show them (probably in a weird time slot) i). Kasdan’s tweets it appreciates the nostalgiaand even you may not agree however, you can take comfort in the fact that the screenwriter is absolutely sure of it Willow will not disappear forever.

Willow It’s a sequel to the 80s cult classic of the same name, starring both. Warwick Davis (Harry Potter film series) as the main character, a farmer who must protect a boy from an evil sorcerer. In the next series, Willow is a full-fledged mage who leads a team of heroes who embark on dangerous missions. The premiere of the series took place on Disney+ in November 2022 and is scheduled to be removed from the catalog on Friday, May 26.

You can see Kasdan’s tweet below: